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Topic: Setting up Giga with Cubase

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    Setting up Giga with Cubase

    I am thinking about getting Gigasampler or Gigastudio (although I don\'t think I\'ll need all the voices of GSt) and was wondering if anybody else has it running alongside Cubase (not on separate PC\'s (I can\'t afford that!)) with a SBLive soundcard.

    Is this possible, what are its limitations within this setup?

    I know that cubase demands audio channels 1/2 so how could I get Giga working as well? Nemesys say a SBLive can be used with its directsound drivers but is this for Giga on its own or whilst using a sequencer such as Cubase?

    I\'ve also heard that I may need to use Hubi\'s. If so how should it be setup?

    Any help would useful,

    many thanks in advance,


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    Re: Setting up Giga with Cubase

    Hi Fopp

    I got same problem. If anyone ever applied
    to your message including a possible solution then i would be very happy if you can send it to my e-mail adress daniel.noriely@gmx.de


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    Re: Setting up Giga with Cubase

    Back to the top if anyone can help!!!!!

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    Re: Setting up Giga with Cubase

    Won\'t work, unless you don\'t want to do any audio in cubase and just use it as a midi sequencer. If so, you can set up cubase with no audio I/O, and it works fine.

    If you want audio from Cubase as well, you need another card


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    Re: Setting up Giga with Cubase

    The SBLive is multi client.

    Many people have reported success with this combo.

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