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Topic: The 'AO' of sound fx libraries

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    The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    I\'m moving in to sound design now so I need a standard library set to start me off (if there is such thing in such a diverse field), so can anyone reccomend one? One that doesn\'t break the bank would also be nice. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve heard tha the Hollywood edge stuff is top notch but it seems very expensive and there are so many different packs... [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    The 6000 series from soundideas is pretty nice:


    and the Premiere Edition 1, 2 and 3

    http://www.hollywoodedge.com/the_acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=9&ObjectGroup_ID=2&Product_ID=70 6&CatID=3

    Its the same thing with sound effects as with samplecds.. you always want more [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    Thanks Tob, they both look like the sort of thing I want but they\'re certainly expensive! i assume the hiss on the demo track for the General 6000 is there to avoid piracy? At least I hope it is. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Its difficult to judge the quality because of that but it certainly appears to cover a wide range.

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    They are both very good quality. The hollywood Edge Librarys are a little bit more processed than Sound Ideas.

    The digifects might be a another option:



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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    The Hollywood Edge libraries are also made to be Giga-Compatible, and have extensive keywording that allows immediate detailed search capabilities.

    Like: Search for \"gun not automatic\" and you\'ll get pistol and shotgun blasts but not machine guns, or \"footsteps wet\" and you\'ll get only the wet footsteps.

    I personally like the sound of them much more than the 6000 series, mainly because they ARE much better processed and recorded. In this case, I am very much a fan of the \"Hollywood\" sound, because the FX are already prepared to have a big-screen sound. When you pump them up in the mix, they totally slam--HUGE. With the 6000 series, you often have to do a lot of processing, noise filtering, EQ, etc., to get an impactful effect.

    That\'s my 2cents. I am totally satisfied with Hollywood Edge, having struggled with Sound Ideas in the ways I mention. Both are good libraries, it\'s just that the search capability and \"bigger\" qualities of Hollywood Edge have saved me a lot of time that I can spend better elsewhere.

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    Hollywood edge is great stuff. The only time I go to Sound Ideas is when I\'m missing something which is on their quite extensive 1000 series library, but the quality is way down on HE on that series (which is basically analog).

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    Thanks for the input guys. The Hollywood Edge seems to have the \'edge\' over the sound ideas it seems. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Plus its cheaper so I guess I\'ll go for that one. They\'re both more than I was hoping to spend though but that\'s always the way really.

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    i have to put my vote in that the hollywood edge stuff is in general, much better recorded collection of sounds. both the sound ideas and hollywood edge have both processed and non processed stuff. the best idea might be to give them a call and explain what you want to do. both companies have really helpful people there. for the holloywood edge ask for brad lieberman and at sound ideas ask for ron anthony (they are the guys i deal with and have always been very helpful and nice, but i\'m sure any of their people would do).
    just my 2 cents on your journey into sound design. to start off, get a project to work on (either paid or just grab a cool scene off a movie) and see what effects you might need, then research on both companies web sites to see which disks might be of use (this is actually alot of work). call the guys and tell them what you\'re looking for. on some libraries you can buy single disks for around $50 a pop. a cheaper way to start and see if you like what you hear.
    word of advice. get the unprocessed stuff. it\'s the joy of sound design to create a sound from scratch.
    good luck, cause IMHO sound design is a very challenging skill...but a ton of fun!

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    This website has 25% off ALL their Sound Ideas stuff... looks like it\'s mostly all there:


    Looks like the offer does not apply if you\'re outside the US.

    We use the Series 6000 in our audio post classes at school, and it\'s quite excellent!

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    Re: The \'AO\' of sound fx libraries

    Make sure you get the Wave\\Giga format version of Hollywood Edge. (Not the Audio CDs) There are upwards of 60 disks worth of effects and half a dozen cartoon tracks and a lite edge edition. They are all wave files that have very detailed search words embeded in the data. Also, they are not just long tracks like on the audio CD versions that need to be split up. They have been split up into their individual components. I also split up some of the effects intellegently into various components so that for instance, you can start a car, accellerate and shift gears, gear down, idle and shut it off. (in real time from your MIDI keyboard! Foley style) All those sounds are in the original audio CDs but the wave Giga version gives you them all split up and useful. You can also add more of your own keywords in the GigaStudio too to customize them further. They are demonstrated in the Distributed wave section of GigaStudio Mastery also. It\'s the most powerfull folley and effects search engine available. A very powerfull but little known feature of GigaStudio. So far, Hollywood Edge is the only effects library that is configured for this. Hopefully more will come on board.

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