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Topic: Sonar X3

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    Sonar X3

    So what is the word? Has anyone tried Sonar X3 yet. Is it any good? I tried demos of X1 and X2, but didn't like them, mainly because the midi editing has been crippled (more so in X1) as compared to Sonar 8.5.



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    Re: Sonar X3

    There are several members here who've kept up with their Sonar upgrades, so I hope we hear from them, Richard. I'm certainly with you - the previous X versions have been pitiful in comparison to Sonar 8.5. I'm so Not tempted to upgrade since what I have works perfectly and I know how to use it - They would charge me $200-$300 anyway, which is out of the question, and an outrageous price, IMHO, for someone who's used Sonar for so many years.


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    Re: Sonar X3

    Hello All,

    I have kept up to date up to X2. I find in general the overall package is worth the price because I am getting more than just the main program. Sonar has continued to expand its offering which is useful for some and not others. In general, I have also found the MIDI editing to be on the whole better with each version. I am now very proficient with Skylight and the multi-take capabilities of the MIDI tracks are immensely useful to me.

    I have not gone to X3 because on the fence about the value of the extras for the money. A full copy of addictive drums is tempting, but I recently got BFD Eco and it is more than enough for me. There are other tempting features, but I may wait for X4 (if there is such a thing). So, I may "give in" but still not sure.

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    Re: Sonar X3

    Yeah it is hefty price for the upgrade. Also, it is really cluttered in X1 and X2. I know X3 will be the same in regards to GUI. Also, going into piano roll isn't as smooth as before. Adding the dynamics, controllers, etc is much worst! In Sonar 8.5 it is a simple right click. I have been looking at other DAWs. I tried out Reaper's demo/free version and I just couldn't get into it at all. Sonar simplifies things much better when it comes to adding tracks and setting them up. I gave the trial of Cubase a shot, didn't like it at all. Lastly, I also gave the FLStudio demo whirl. That wasn't to bad, but I still prefer Sonar. So if I had to switch I would definitely go for FL Studio over any of any of the other DAWs including X1 and X2. I am really hoping they did things right in X3.

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    Re: Sonar X3

    Hi Richard,

    Good question! I use X1 and will probably upgrade to X3, only because I am between large-scale projects and this is the only time I ever consider up-grading. I went to X1 in 2011, shortly after I had my 'new' music PC built in 2010 in order to take advantage of the newer engine that utilizes my faster, quad-core processor. Projects that hiccupped on the older PC w/ 8.5, play clean on the X1 PC.

    I hear what you are saying Richard, but I wouldn't say MIDI editing has been crippled, rather, all the productivity-enhancing customizations have been eliminated. And I HATE that they did that. I hate that they felt they would just keep Sonar at a pedestrian level, generic for the masses, and kill what was an amazingly powerful DAW, all in the name of "progress"!

    So my trade-off was the loss of comfort and customization, but with the increased power to do larger, more processor-intense projects that X1 gives me. I'll hope X3 doesn't disappoint me.

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    Re: Sonar X3

    I use Sonar X2 and despite the change in the midi editing (which I didn't find to be a problem), the program works quite well. I enjoy the power of the X2 on my 64bit quad core i7 computer. I can handle large amounts of sampled instruments and haven't had a hiccup yet.

    I would say that if you are used to Sonar 8.5 and have customized your midi workflow than and upgrade would not feel right to you. I am not upgrading to X3 as it is a cost I had rather not spend at this time. What I have in X2 Producer is more than sufficient for the type of music and production that I do. The drums are decent in the Session Drummer and GPO drum sets (which can be quite good if handled correctly ala Session drummer style).
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