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Topic: Help me to run Giga and GPO together

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    Help me to run Giga and GPO together

    I want to run GPO and Giga simultaneously, but my current setup doesn\'t allow it. Please help me figure out what to buy and do.

    My setup:
    * A killer XP-Home laptop with 512MB and a suck soundcard. Accepts 1GB max. I run Sibelius, Cakewalk, MOL and all my miscellaneous software on it.

    * A fast/quiet AMD XP-Pro machine with 1.5GB, a MIA, Gigabit Ethernet and three 7,200 RPM drives. Giga, GPO, Bidule, MOL, SonycFoundry apps and other odds and ends live here.

    * My wife and son also have fast/quiet AMD machines with Gigabit Ethernet and 512MB.

    The obvious option: upgrade the laptop to 1GB. Get an Indigo. Run GPO there. Cost: $130 for the Indigo + whatever for 512M more laptop RAM.

    But... Even at 1.5GB I can\'t load all of the GPO template that I\'d like. (No DFD.) And the Indigo doesn\'t have balanced I/O. I hate single-ended wiring for pro stuff.

    The Firewire Audiophile and 410 don\'t support GSIF and lack balanced outputs. What were they thinking? So I veto these. (Yeah, GSIF isn\'t required, but I want future flexibility.)

    The other option is to elbow into my wife or son\'s computer, give \'em a bunch more RAM, and steal their CPU cycles. I\'d get kicked off when they\'re doing large graphics or video, but could get away with it when they\'re just chatting or writing e-mail and text documents.

    But how to hook it up? Sibelius/Cakewalk are not VST hosts. And the Sequencer PC has a junk soundcard.

    I guess I would run MOL to the Giga machine, then use Bidule to host an FxTeleport-Host and connect the MIDI to it. Then FxTeleport-Server runs GPO on the son\'s computer (he has less clout than my wife). The audio then goes back over the LAN to the Giga machine and out a MIA virtual output. And with GS3, maybe I can run GPO (or any other VSTi on the son\'s computer) through GigaPulse.

    Is that realistic?

    In that case it\'s $79 for FxTeleport and whatever I want to spend on RAM.

    Any other ideas? Recommendations?

    Any recommended GSIF+balanced laptop soundcards?

    Thanks for any and all comments!

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    Re: Help me to run Giga and GPO together

    When I owned GigaStudio, I ran it along side a VST capable sequencer and split the output assignments where Cubase picked up the first four outs and Giga got the last four. If you have a VST or other virtual-instrument-capable sequencer, I can\'t see how you might go wrong with that setup. Just load up GPO in your VST slots and roll with it. I have a machine with 1.5GB memory and can load up a huge library with room to spare. YMMV depending on what you\'re looking to do with Giga.

    I eventually got HALion and after a week of using that in my setup, I sold GigaStudio and never looked back. Give it some thought... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    On the other side, you might be able to get some good mileage with FXTeleport and their Gigawrapper. Max has his handle on solving that problem, which may allow you to run Giga on a machine without a GSIF soundcard (or does it? don\'t remember) and route audio back to your DAW through a GigaBit network with near realtime latency. I was going to be a beta tester for him, but then I got HALion which made the point moot for me. See if it\'s right for you.

    For sound cards, check out Ego Systems http://www.esi-pro.com or Edirol\'s new line of USB2 and Firewire devices. Depending on your laptop\'s I/O, those may be a better alternative compared to PCMCIA, but then protability becomes an issue (will a USB2 device run off of cable power? I would think not - at least not without killing your battery in 10 mintues)

    I don\'t even know if laptops would support a truly balanced audio line, since having a real ground would not be guaranteed (floating/relative ground is there when running off of a battery, but dunno if plugging in or using a docking station provides a \"real\" ground).

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    Re: Help me to run Giga and GPO together

    Thanks Houston,

    For whatever reason I\'ve never been able to run GPO and Giga together on my machine. I get the strangest sounds when I put them together. Too bad it sounds so ugly!

    I\'m thinking of using Giga as is (I\'ve already got GSIF and three fasts hard disks on the Giga box), and remoting GPO. I talked to my son about it - he\'s happy to get all that RAM, as long as he gets priority when editing video.

    The EgoSys and Edirol Firewire solutions look nice. The Edirol has balanced I/O. Neither mentions GSIF or even ASIO for their Firewire stuff. I\'m not worried about running on battery, but it would be cool to plug in as a remote recorder. Just bring mics, stands cables, laptop and audio box.

    Laptops can do balanced I/O since they have both + and - DC power. The signal is centered around the (possibly floating) ground, but there are two output amps, working in opposition.

    I\'m starting to lean towards FxTeleport with GPO remote. That means that every additional MB of RAM gives me that many more simultaneous samples. Two 2GB machines in parallel will really open up the possibilities for me.

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    Re: Help me to run Giga and GPO together


    What is the processor on your laptop? What sequencer are you using?

    I would boost the laptop to at least 1 GB and run your sequencer and GPO on the same machine. You should be able to get a decent template setup. Just add the extra odd instruments when needed.

    If your son allows to use his machine, then put another copy of GPO on it. Then you can run the piano, celeste, harp and other instruments that you the regular sustain pedal mode. This gets around the pedal mode issue when used on one computer. I run an extra computer like this in my setup.

    GPO and Sonar 3 work great on one computer with 1 GB of memory. That\'s how I did all of the posted demos.

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    Re: Help me to run Giga and GPO together

    I downloaded and installed FxTeleport last night. And I put GPO on the laptop. I had a few teething problems last night, but got things mostly working this morning.

    It was very cool to be able to layer the cello section from GPO with my KHSS Cello. Sounds great.

    But once again the \"unique\" programming of GPO has bitten me (lightly) - since they used the CC-1 (modulation), rather than CC-11 (expression) for the expression function, the instruments don\'t work together ideally. I\'ll be making edited versions of the Giga instruments that I plan to layer with GPO. The velocity-for-attack thing doesn\'t line up exactly, but it\'s usable, and potentially interesting.

    I started to type in my routing info, but it\'s zany. If FxTeleport were just an AsioOverLan, it would be pretty simple. As it is my MIDI signal bounces back and forth between the computers. That\'s because my sequencer and MIA are on different PCs. Oh well.

    And I may still move GPO to my son\'s PC. My laptop doesn\'t have Gigabit Ethernet, and the latency went way up with GPO running one dry instrument, when I started Netscape - even with 512MB on a 2.0 GHz P4-mobile.

    I\'m getting closer...

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    Re: Help me to run Giga and GPO together

    Hi Haydn,

    The laptop has a 2.0 GHz P4 Mobile. (It\'s pretty killer - 1600x1200 screen, DVD-RW...)

    I run Sibelius (a bit of a resource hog), and an old version of Cakewalk (very efficient - built to run on an ancient PC). I may dig into Cubasis VST a bit further, but there are some time-savers in CW that I use all the time that don\'t seem to exist in C-VST. Eventually, I\'ll move to Sonar.

    Interesting idea about using multiple PCs for GPO for the pedal thing. And with 1 GB on the laptop I should be pretty solid, since by mixing and matching with Giga, I\'ll only use GPO for a subset of the orchestra (mostly strings and harp, plus some percussion).

    Question: What\'s GPO/NI\'s policy about moving from machine to machine and for multiple machines? You infer that the license covers two. Cool. And I will want to un-install it from my Giga machine. Do you know if that includes a de-register that will allow me to move my GPO registration to another PC? Right now I\'m using the 30-day unregistered thing on my laptop, just so I have flexibility while I work things out.

    Thanks for the reply!

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