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Topic: GigaStudio/Sampler w/ Cubase and Hammerfall

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    GigaStudio/Sampler w/ Cubase and Hammerfall

    I have a Hammerfall 9652 and the new EProm that allows for GSif support and multi port card use.

    I can set GigaSampler to use a certain port, and set Cubase to use a certain port, and send those out to my digital mixer. When I want to record the gigasampler output I set the Gigasampler outputs on the mixer to be recorded, and when I record that audio in Cubase, its tons of static and noise, as if there is some kinda of bit rate problem or something.

    Has anyone else experienced something similiar to this? I have a 450mhz 256 mb computer.


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    Re: GigaStudio/Sampler w/ Cubase and Hammerfall

    Are BOTH the card and Gigastudio set to the same sample rate (ie 48 or 44.1)?

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    Re: GigaStudio/Sampler w/ Cubase and Hammerfall

    As far as I can tell the Hammerfall is using 44.1K or its sample rate, and Cubase is set automatically (Asio) based upon what the card is set to.

    Gigastudio in the pull down box for audio card settings is set to GSif and 44.1k and 24bit audio.

    My Digital mixer is set to 44.1, because it is slaved off of the ADAT lightpipe input from the Hammerfall(so the computer has to be on first, and then the mixer). Also when it was set to like 48k on the digital mixer, and I would start cubase, Cubase would automatically say \"Hey the sample rate for this song has changed and is now 48k\". I kepted seeing this and seeing this, and finally went over and tapped the settings to be 44.1k.


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    Re: GigaStudio/Sampler w/ Cubase and Hammerfall

    Well, that\'s as much as I know - what about the RME guys?

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    Re: GigaStudio/Sampler w/ Cubase and Hammerfall

    HAven\'t been able to reach them. Their RME Newsgroup seems to be non-existent. its on someone at midij.com\'s server and goes in and out for months at a time.

    I just figured that people here would have heard of someone having this problem. I did some more testing last night with the old Gigasampler, and it recorded everything ok. I have also installed an overclocked celeron at 900mhz too, so that may have changed it, but I doubt it.

    I had my machine at 450, with 256 mb of ram, and a Gina 20bit sound card. Could go in and out and record in Cubase no problem. Using the Echo multi driver. Then I sold it and went with the Hammerfall, waited for the upgrade, and boom thats what I was experiencing. I will see if this works now that my processor is better.

    Something weird too. Last night while playing around with a VST instrument and it started emitting the same noisy type signal. I unloaded Cubase and reloaded and it played fine. Yeah I know, Cubase may be the problem.


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