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Topic: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

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    SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    For anyone interested I mocked up the theme to \"Meet Joe Black\" last night by Thomas Newman (pretty score btw). Legato was a little tough on this one, but I just gave it a shot anyways.
    SAM horns were used as well [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Christiaan was kind enough to let me put it up (thx buddy [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )


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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    Nice work as usual Damon!!


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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    Man, I want to like SI strings, I really do....but time and time again they just don\'t sound nearly as realistic as GOS, especially for legato lines.

    IMHO, there\'s no comparison.

    If SI started selling the individual instruments, I might consider purchasing the Basses for added balls...otherwise EQing GOS does the trick just as well.

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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    I agree about the legato mode in GOS. Gary really latched onto a great idea when they developed this.
    I used GOS 2nd violins susV LEG last night on this demo and found the legato much more realistic and I didnt have to move notes around to avoid suction.
    This demo was done quickly and also just because I liked the theme [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    Perhaps I\'ll do a GOS version as well.

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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup


    nice work as usual, although I also feel that the legato was not that successfull.

    could you post the Theme utilizing GOS?
    That would be great... I am trying to decide between GOS and SI and I think I have come to the conclusion that I have to make that decision based on the individual sound of each library, not on the available articulations etc...
    Anyone care to comment?

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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    I\'m really interested to hear the GOS vesion, because whatever I do I just can\'t make my GOS sound as expressive as Damon\'s SI.
    Yes GOS sounds more real as far articulations go, but they also sound much more stiff, and flat in performance.


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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    Nice work, but imho the most anti-realistic thing in the violins section is the constant same (and a bit exagerated) vibrato. Legato come after.

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    Re: SI strings "Meet Joe Black" mockup

    I\'ll do a version with SI 1st vln sordinos only with faster attacks and release triggers, then try the GOS violins.

    If anyones interested in hearing, email me your address to damonbbradley@hotmail.com

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