I am experiencing a very subtle bug when trying to layer two instrument files in Gigastudio.
My immediate interest is to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar when trying to layer two instruments, particularly release-triggered samples in one of the layers.

I have created a separate instrument to provide the \"Staccato Release\" sample layer for my Steinway-C piano. Because of the number of velocity regions I am using, there are insufficient \"dimensions\" available to include the release layers within the main instrument file. Layering a second instrument in the Gigastudio seemed like a good way around the dimension limitations of the individual instruments.

As described on my page at: http://www.wstco.com/pianosounds/addons/
When the main piano instrument is loaded into port#1 and the release layer instrument is loaded into port#2, everything works well.

However, if the release layer instrument is loaded into port#1 and the main instrument into port#2, then there is a timing/phase error introduced into the layering and the release triggered samples appear to start a tiny bit incorrectly synchronized with the note releases, and are shifted in perceived stereo-image position far to the left.

This bizarre and subtle error occurs independent of the specific port numbers into which the instruments are loaded. As long as the main piano instrument is loaded into a lower port number than the release-triggered layer, it works OK. But if the release trigger layer instrument is loaded into a lower port number than the main piano instrument, then the timing/phasing error appears.

I would appreciate it if any of you with my 8-Layer Steinway-C piano CD would download the new Staccato release-trigger instrument and see if this same bug appears on your systems. The add-on instrument is available at: http://www.wstco.com/pianosounds/addons/

Additionally, I would like to know if anyone has seen similar phase/timing error behavior while layering other instruments.

Any suggestions as to what might be done to properly phase lock two layered instruments under all conditions would be greatly appreciated.

FYI: I am running with the ver 2.01.25 Gigastudio patch.

Thanks in advance.

Warren Trachtman http://www.wstco.com/pianosounds

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