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Topic: Need unbiased opinion: Pro Samples #13: Choirs

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    Need unbiased opinion: Pro Samples #13: Choirs

    I can get this for $50 grand total after the soundsonline.com 20% off discount. Is it worth it? I don\'t need complicated choir samples right now. I just need simple set of sounds: ooh, ahh, mmm, ohh, (and maybe \"eee\").. one set of those for men\'s choir, another set for women\'s choir. Will Pro Samples #13 be ok for this?


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    Re: Need unbiased opinion: Pro Samples #13: Choirs

    Barely, but yes. It\'s a combination of Hallelujah gospel with classical choirm so the selections are somewhat limited, but I put together a group of them into a keyswitched program that works OK.

    Sample quality is fine, but limited in range and scope.


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    Re: Need unbiased opinion: Pro Samples #13: Choirs

    As SoundSmith says it is very limited in range. Only 2 octaves (C below middle C to C above middle C) in the main ahhs and ohhs stuff. So it really only is tenors and altos that you are getting.


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    Re: Need unbiased opinion: Pro Samples #13: Choirs

    I have had that CD for a while now and havent been able to use it...for anything. I suppose if you really worked at it you could improve on some of the samples in the GS editor. But the articulations are very limited, and most of the sounds are pretty thin and oftentimes harsh. But you know it all depends on what youre after. If youre just doing a mockup and dont have high expectations, I suppose someone could be satisfied - especially with the price being as low as it is.

    Ive tried the cheap route and everytime Ive found you get what you pay for. For example, Symphony of Voices CD is about ten times the price and approximately that many times better IMO.

    If you are after quality, you have to pay for it.

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