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Topic: Argh! Sonar 3

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    Argh! Sonar 3

    I just recently upgrade to Sonar 3. I cannot believe that still haven\'t fixed the problem of midi envelopes becoming orphaned. It used to be that I could save and reload the file, but now that doesn\'t even work.

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    there have been a couple of patches recently...this issue may already be addressed..it sounds familiar.

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    Try the \"Record Automation\" option ... you can make easily beautiful envelopes ...

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    Yes, please load the latest update, and see if you still have the problem. I am actually working with Ron and Noel right now on this issue. So far, I cannot break the latest version, but before that we were trying to find ANY replicable way to make the envelopes break.

    Do you have any formula at all which would guarantee a break?

    You will notice also that on the latest version, you can at least get a full MIDI assign on a pre-existing envelope instead of just the \"defaults.\"

    Again, please load the latest update and see if it\'s still broken. I would really love to have help from anyone here who is still seeing the \"orphaned MIDI envelope\" bug.

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    I\'m pretty sure I\'ve already loaded the patch, but the Help/About doesn\'t seem to give the software version number unless I\'m blind.

    I always use an envelope for MIDI control change 1 since my keyboard doesn\'t have a \"real\" mod wheel. That\'s about all I can tell you for duplicating the problem. Other than you have to be within the project for a while and go about doing other things as well.

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    Pardon me for butting in, but what is this orphaned MIDI envelope bug in Sonar?

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    If you haven\'t seen it, then you shouldn\'t be concerned. However envelopes used for controlling volume, panning, Mod wheel, etc. normally display numeric values for each of the nodes along the curve via tool tips when the mouse hovers over the envelope. After awhile at some point, for no obvious reason, the tool tips only read \"orphaned\" which means...well who really knows what it means since you can\'t find that word anywhere in their help file, but basically it becomes unusable.

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    Hey, Bruce! While you\'re at it, could you ask them if it\'s possible for them to implement \"intelligent quantizing\" ? - what I mean is that say you have a measure in 4/4 consisting of 2 quarter notes and a tuplet, it will switch from quarters to 8ths to 16ths to 32nds to tuplets while it\'s quantizing, as needed? This would be INCREDIBLY useful to me as I\'m sure it would be to a bunch of others as well.


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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    Does Sonar 3 still have a piano roll? It ain\'t an envelope but you can still draw in your mod wheel preferences there until the envelope issue gets resolved

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    Re: Argh! Sonar 3

    Originally posted by Thomas_J:
    While you\'re at it, could you ask them if it\'s possible for them to implement \"intelligent quantizing\" ?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Now this is a very good idea!


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