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Topic: Virtuoso for Grandioso Steinway public!

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    Virtuoso for Grandioso Steinway public!

    The beta for the Virtuoso plug-in that adds amazing features to the GRANDIOSO Steinway D library is now public.
    With the beta software (code name Virtuoso) you will be able to do re-pedalling (crossfading between pedal down and pedal up samples while a note is playing), you can have 16 layers of velocity PLUS release layers, you can get release samples with more velocity levels than previously possible, and you can have pedal action samples for extreme realism.

    Go to our ftp site:

    First of all you have to download the 3 main files there,

    · PMI STEINWAY D CLASSIC viruoso beta2.exe

    · Pedals.exe

    · VIRTUOSO programs.exe

    Step 1:

    VIRTUOSO PROGRAMS.EXE is a self-executable file which unpacks to provide all the programs you will need to install Virtuoso and the GRandioso Midi FX. Once unpacked it contains Grandioso FX.zip, Virtuoso.zip and Readme.txt.

    You have to unpack the zipfiles and then follow the readme.txt instructions.

    Step 2:

    PEDALS.EXE is a self-executable file which unpacks to provide you with a folder with the needed pedal noise samples. You will have to import this folder in the sample folder section of the giga editor. In Windows 98 you can simply drag and drop the folder from the explorer in the open editor window. In Windows XP you’ll have to use the IMPORT DIRECTORY command, right click while in the sample plane and select it from the pop-up menu.

    First exit GigaStudio. Open Giga Editor. Open the PMI Steinway D Classic.gig. Open Windows explorer and navigate to the folder where the pedals folder is located. Drag and drop/import this folder in the sample pool area in the left corner of the editor. Then save the file. This may take up to 10 or 20 minutes.

    Step 3:

    PMI Steinway D Classic virtuoso beta.exe is a self-executable file which unpacks to provide you with the articulation file you will need to apply AFTER you added the pedal noise samples as mentioned above. First exit GigaStudio. Open Giga Editor. Open the PMI Steinway D Classic.gig. Then choose LOAD ARTICULATION in the File menu. And then save the file again.

    Please follow the above steps in the right order to avoid crashes.

    Additionally you can download some extra files at :

    . download content.bmp : a picture of which files are downloaded

    · extra pedal samples.bmp : a picture file showing how to import the extra pedal folder into the editor

    · programs.jpg : a picture showing which program files are in the VIRTUOSO PROGRAMS.EXE file

    · repedalling fx.mp3 : an MP3 demonstration of the repedalling and sustain pedal noise

    · the pedal samples.bmp : a picture showing which samples are found in the pedal folder.


    The extra release samples are currently added to the 16 layer patch only.

    For beta comments: email me at: grandiosoNOSPAM@xs4all.nl without the NOSPAM

    Have fun!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Virtuoso for Grandioso Steinway public!

    It sounds great Michiel. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Do you plan to do the same kind of plugin for the Bosendorfer?


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    Re: Virtuoso for Grandioso Steinway public!

    Yes, we will have the same features added to the Bosendorfer library. The plug-in will work for all GRANDIOSO libraries. Maybe the exact features will be a little different, but both the Steinway D and the Bosendorfer will eventually benefit from it.

    Michiel POst

    I forgot to mention MAESTRO users are advised NOT to install Virtuoso as it will disturb the correct fuunctioning of Maestro. This will be corrected in a later version.

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    Re: Virtuoso for Grandioso Steinway public!

    Michiel, will this work with GigasamplerLE or does one need GigaStudio? (I\'m guessing the latter)
    (p.s. I\'m currently creating a performance of the Brahms 2nd piano concerto using the grandioso, and it\'s going great. I\'m nearly done the first movement. It\'s been taking a long time, but I\'m pretty happy with the results)

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    Re: Virtuoso for Grandioso Steinway public!

    Hi Duncan,
    I\'m very interested to hear the results of your work. Keep me posted.

    The Virtuoso plug-in works with any Giga product. The effect is programmed in un-used portions of the keyboard range or uses midi controler data that are not used by other performance controls. I\'m testing the Virtuoso in the editor (and GST off coarse) and that works fine also. Virtuoso is comparable to the GOS Maestro system. It works in the background and adds FX to the internal midi path. The extra midi information is used to trigger the efects and extra layers outside the normal keyboard range, so it works with any giga system (I didn\'t test it with Gigasample LE but it should work the same).

    Michiel Post

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