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Topic: SConverter not always converting!

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    SConverter not always converting!

    I just purchased Sound Spectral. AKAI version since there was not a giga version. No problem right?!? Well it seems that the Sconverter is not converting all. Once I am in the utility, I can either select groups, batch, or one at a time and I still get some samples missed. They are not translated as .gig files but as .wav! Like I said, just a few.. Any thoughts?

    Will the new Translator GigaEdition?? Would this help? thanks for the help.

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    Re: SConverter not always converting!

    The main problem I\'ve had with S-converter is that I can\'t get the batch conversion to work. I select batch and add stuff to it, but I don\'t get the batch menus which are supposed to be available once you select batch convert.

    Naturally, if I then select convert, nothing gets converted because I really wasn\'t in batch mode....

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    Re: SConverter not always converting!


    After RTFM, I noticed a hint which said that if I don\'t see the batch converter window, it\'s because it\'s been pushed to the bottom of the screen to make room for other stuff. Sure enough, I was able to drag a bar from just above the task bar which gave me the batch converter. I\'m all happy now

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    Re: SConverter not always converting!

    Yes, I was aware you had to \'enable\' that window to see and use the batch convert. I spent several hours last evening as well working on this problem. I discovered a \'bug\' or gotcha, how ever you want to view it.

    I would \'select\' lets say 10 instruments to convert. (holding the shift key, clicking the mouse on the first and last), Then I would right click and select \"Convert to GIG\". It took me some time and frustration to figure what it was doing, but I finally did. Once it hit a sample that had a problem it would stop. For example get to number 5, #5 would be converted as a .wav then halt. If I skipped that sample and moved to the other four, no problem. What I discovered is that number 5 needed the MERGE L/R option de-selected. I then converted it with out this option and the .wav file was replaced with a .gig.

    This was a very time staking task! And lets just say very frustrating when converting the entire CD with hundreds of sounds. There was no indication that sample was a DUAL MONO instead of stereo until the group selected failed. One needed patience. I finally finished the CD yesterday.

    PS: It was worth the conversion... Great sounds. It has been 3 days since I requested help from Nemesys, are they always a \'black-hole\' when support is needed?? Ahh, I see another posting coming!

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