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Topic: How to merge several gig-files into one instrument?

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    How to merge several gig-files into one instrument?


    I recently got my first professional commission with the use of Gigastuio, and I\'ve been working a lot lately with this wonderful (although a bit buggy...msg32) program. But there\'s something I can\'t find a solution for.

    I want to merge several gig-files into one instrument.
    Let\'s for instance say I have three strings sounds/gig-files. Soft, hard and pizzicato.
    Then I want to set up two zones for the mod.wheel controller in GS-Editor. For mod.wheel values 1-64 I use two velocity levels for soft and hard string sounds, and for 65-128 I want the pizzicato sound.

    How can I transfer several gig-files into one gig-file? One of the benefits of gigastudio, _is_ the large filesize you can use. I would be great, if you could include several gigs into one file, thus having more instruments sounds to choose from when only using 16 midichannels.

    I\'ve tried to do this with both gig-files and extracted wave-files (in S-converter). When I try to do this, I only get one tone per region, even though the region stretches over several notes on the keyboard. Or I get no sound at all.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: How to merge several gig-files into one instrument?

    You can load a .gig file and use File->Merge to import another one. Keep doing this until you have your one big .gig file. You might have to do some tweaking, re-assigning to get that mod-wheel thing going but with Merging you won\'t have to worry about importing indivisual .wav samples, etc..

    F. Juma

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    Re: How to merge several gig-files into one instrument?

    Thanks for your reply.
    I really appreciate it.

    Well, I know I can use the combine gig together with batch function, but still it\'s rather limited what you can do with it.

    Guess this is the only way I can do it for now...

    Again thanks

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