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Topic: Bolder SOW for Kontakt & other info

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    Bolder SOW for Kontakt & other info

    Hello Kontakters,
    I\'ve just posted a set of water samples for Kontakt at the Bolder Site listed below. Follow the FREE STUFF on the right side of the home page.

    Also... it was asked here on the forum \"How well does the Best of Bolder Giga disc import into Kontakt\"? Well after many phone calls and much research I\'ve found the most recent versions sent to me from the programmers of both Translator and CDxtract to do quite a good job. I\'ve found that the version of Kontakt PC that I am using now ( does not do quite as good of a job as the 2 previously mentioned programs.

    With the release of 1.2.1 coming right up, that may change.... keeping my fingers crossed.

    The Bolder Spring Sale will be over at the end of the day Sunday the 15th. All discs are on sale for $99. After that the Best of Bolder disc will return to it\'s regular $159.95 price. So if your interested in this disc.... now is the time to grab it! MP3 demos are available at the Bolder Site.

    best wishes! Dennis

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    Re: Bolder SOW for Kontakt & other info

    Hey, I finally got around to using my BOB and damb is it kool.All the sounds are really well recorded and the 1st patch I tried i instantly used(Artic Bee).The Mando is great.Ive got a real one hear that i use but this one has a darker sound that i like.In Kontakt just throw it in Time machine mode and cotnrol the speed of the vibrato..very kool.Great Work Dennis..Thanks. A must have for any sample collection..Rich

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    Re: Bolder SOW for Kontakt & other info

    Thanks Rich..... I\'m happy you like it!

    I\'m still trying to get this SOW problem worked out for Kontakt Mac users. David Das is helping me out with it.
    I\'ll get it right eventually. It\'s a path-name issue of some sort I suppose.


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    Re: Bolder SOW for Kontakt & other info

    I just tried the BolderSounds.com free samples in Kontakt format...they all work great! I strongly recommend people go grab the free sounds and consider buying the discs...they are among the finest discs in my sample collection. Always well recorded, always unique, and always incredibly musical.

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