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Topic: help please!!!

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    help please!!!

    Will someone please explain to me how to get samples to sustain. I\'ve tried looping it doesn\'t seem to work. When i loop you can hear the click. I wanna be able to take a instrument off of an song and use it to play my own melody but this doesn\'t seem possible cause the sampled notes all seem too short. any hints on the best way to loop samples are greatly appreciated.

    I use cooledit.
    Sorry about the giga related post but this is a big problem for me.

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    Re: help please!!!


    Looping can almost be an artform!

    The type of loop you need varies depending on the waveform you\'ve sampled.

    Some instruments let you get away with a single wavecycle, or a very few cycles which play at the basic pitch of the instrument. Bass is a good example of such an instrument.

    Other instruments with more complex, often changing, tonality need a big chunk looped.
    Sometimes this loop can be just A>B,A>B,A>B.
    Sometimes it needs to be A>B<A>Bhttp://www.antares-systems.com/files/inf_quotes.html

    For a PC based one, maybe have a look here: http://www.squarecircle.co.uk/mobius/mobius.html

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