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Topic: What first, Score or Sequence?

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    What first, Score or Sequence?

    Hi, may I ask, what's the recommended workflow with Garritan; score directly with Finale/Sibelius, or write into a sequencing program like Logic and then export midi for scoring?

    I ask because want the best performance and scoring accuracy/control. I want to create the best audio mock up as well as the best score.


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    Re: What first, Score or Sequence?

    Kind of answered my own question - should have browsed the threads on this excellent site first. It obviously needs a good midi controller.

    But if you guys have any experience to share in your workflows do please respond here, or point me to the thread where its being discussed specifically. I'm new to this site so apologies. Cheers.

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    Re: What first, Score or Sequence?

    Hi Mark,

    Welcome to the forum! You'll find 99% of the activity here takes place in "General Discussion" and "The Listening Room" for always interesting and varied demos.

    Although there are specific genre-based areas of the forum, seems like over time, everyone has comfortably migrated to the two areas mentioned above. You'll find all types and styles of music and musician represented there!

    As far as your question, a DAW will afford you much more control over your sound than a notation program. Many of us use both, and it's a matter of what's comfortable for you as to which order you use them (I create in Sonar, then export to Finale for scores).

    See you over in General Discussion!


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