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Topic: Stop Playback

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    Stop Playback

    Using Jammer Pro 4 with GS160 (2.01.25), I record a simple piano MIDI track that uses the sustain pedal. When I start playback, then stop playback, the sustained notes keep playing instead of stoping. I do have the option in Jammer Pro to \'Reset Controllers\' turned on, but it does not work with GS160.

    Using Jammer Pro 4 with my Sound Blaster\'s built in MIDI samples instead of GS160, all notes stop when I stop playback (which is what I want to happen with GS160).

    And, using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 with GS160, all notes stop when I stop playback.

    So, either Jammer Pro is not sending the right data to GS to stop, even though it does send correct data to my other sound module. Or, GS is looking for something unique that Cakewalk is able to send.

    Any ideas???

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    Re: Stop Playback


    I had a similar problem just today. I was running Gigastudio via an obtuse connection - from Cubase on an Atari, through Logic on the PC - and then into Giga.

    The Atari started to autobackup (wish Giga had that)and that caused several machines to hang a few notes - including Giga.

    The normal procedure here is that, after the save is finished, I just hit the Cubase stop button, which sends out an all notes off.

    All modules in the studio did the right thing EXCEPT Gigastudio.

    I hit the panic button on the emagic Unitor - it\'s another reset facility. It made no difference. Giga ignored it as well.

    Finally the guy I was working with leaned over and played all the little keys on Giga\'s midi window with the mouse - and they turned off one by one.

    Makes me think Nemesys haven\'t implemented midi all notes off, which would be a shame.

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    Re: Stop Playback

    Glad to hear it\'s just not my setup. It\'s interesting though, that my Cakewalk software does send the notes off to GS. Also, I can create a simple MID file from Jammer with only a piano using the sustain pedal. If I play this MID file using Microsoft Media Player 7 with GS160, all notes do stop. My only application that doesn\'t work is Jammer. But Jammer does work with another sound module (my Sound Blaster sound card).

    I would guess that GS\'s implementation may be too picky or something since your application and my Jammer Pro are having the same trouble. BTW, I do have a Panic button in Jammer, and it does stop the notes from playing. Wierd...


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