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Topic: Synclavier samples from Ilio

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    Synclavier samples from Ilio

    Hello all. I am interested in finding samples of synclavier synth sounds, not so much percussion or strings, but synth leads from that instrument. I\'m particularly interested in sounds i\'ve heard on Pat Metheny CDs.

    The only company i know of that has sampled these at all is Ilio. They tell me it\'s their keys and guitar CD from the Synclavier series.

    Can anybody speak to the quality of these samples, or whether they would be the ones i am looking for? Thank you very much in advance,

    t luke

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    Re: Synclavier samples from Ilio

    Hi Luke

    You can try these guys:


    I sold my old 9600 system through them and I know they have a load of synclavier sample libraries.


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    Re: Synclavier samples from Ilio

    Most of the Pat Metheny lead stuff is the Roland GR-300 guitar synth...not the synclavier. He rarely used the synclavier for his solos because of the tracking.

    The GR-300 sound is very simple too, almost the entire vibe of his sound comes from his expression.

    There are some good emulations of this on the SR-JV80 Vintage Synth board though..not bad at all.


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    Re: Synclavier samples from Ilio

    Like someone told me a while back when I also enquitred about synclavier samples [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] was that its not just the samples its the way the synth produces the sound... can anyone expand, my brain hurts already...


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