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Topic: Feedback anyone?

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    Feedback anyone?

    I have done a project call Aveara...


    (\"AVEARA - AN EMPIRE BEYOND MYST is a massive fan-project, a short-story set in the universe of Myst lore, with multiple endings, an original professionally composed and recorded soundtrack, a cast of digitally photographed actors, voice acting, and beautiful high-quality 3D CGI images for illustrating this epic adventure!\")

    -I have done the music of the intro of the first chapter and the chapter music.If anyone got any suggestions about the sound and orchestrations!

    I have use Reason and ProjectSam French Horn
    With a jewish sample at the start.
    here the Url of the mp3: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/eonsoundsmusic.htm

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    Re: Feedback anyone?

    The voice in the background is out of tune in places, and it doesn\'t really fit in most of the time. I would take out the voice and only put it in at certain times where it sounds the best. I think the whole mix could use some more high-end, also.

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    Re: Feedback anyone?

    Thanks the out of tune is wanted but some high-end could be better!
    Thanks for the critic!

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