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Topic: Question for Eric about Groove Control

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    Question for Eric about Groove Control

    Eric, I was wondering. Is Groove control like playing a Recycle file with slices of each sample or does it actually re-trigger each sample via a SMF or the like? Just curious [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Obviously the difference is with a recycle file you get to a point where you can hear the samples cutting in and out.

    And in regards to this, how do you do GC with libraries such as Vocal planet?

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    Re: Question for Eric about Groove Control

    Groove Control is actually midi notes that come as midi files which you match to the loop in Giga.

    For instance, load in a loop from \'Metamorphosis\' in Giga then open up your sequencer and load in the same sounds midi file and viola! Change the tempo to your liking, erase certain notes if you want, change the feel of the loop with different quantize functions, etc.

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    Re: Question for Eric about Groove Control

    GC works on the same principle as ReCycle, but with higher quality and more \"guaranteed\" results, because our group of trained specialists hand create the files with a wide variety of techniques and tools, depending on the loop. The GC process is very time-consuming and takes a lot of skill and practice to master. There are only a few people who do it, and we all check each other\'s work, and meet regularly to find better ways of improving the technology and techniques.

    Of course, to the user this is totally transparent....you just load the patch and the MIDI file and it just works, and sounds great. That\'s the whole idea.

    The GC part of Vocal Planet is only for the vocal percussion loops....as Groove Control works best on percussive material.


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    Re: Question for Eric about Groove Control

    Cool. I\'ve just wondered since I haven\'t been able to get any GC instruments yet. I think Recycle is pretty cool but it\'s hard to know it\'s always going to work. I\'ve been trying to get my Descrete Drums multi-tracks sliced in recycle so I can use them in other songs, but they end up not always grooving after the slices.... It\'s real frusterating cause you can\'t get the slices any finer which can cause timing issues... Oh well. Thanks for your response!

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