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Topic: Gigastudio / Echo DARLA

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    Gigastudio / Echo DARLA

    Hi all,
    has anyone tried gigastudio 160 with an Echo DARAL sound card ? Nemesys says it\'s 100% GSIF compatible. I\'d like to know more...
    Also, please, do tell me this: when a GSIF card is installed, how many input channels do you get in DSP stations ? Does the number of channels depend upon the card specifications ?

    Many thanks.

    please make a copy to my email address.

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    Re: Gigastudio / Echo DARLA

    Im using the Darla 24 and it works great with Giga studio.
    Just remember if you buy it that it does not have a midi in and out[Im using my sb live for the midi interface].
    Also to answer your question I am getting 16 DSP channels from the Darla in Gigastudio.

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