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Topic: My work using DDBE

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    My work using DDBE

    Here is a link using the new Dan Dean Brass Ensambles:


    The work is called: Mental Ward Film fanfare.

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    Re: My work using DDBE

    Hehe...it took me longer to sign in to mp3.com than it did to hear the entire piece. Talk about a tease!

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    Re: My work using DDBE

    I like the bite!

    Horns and trumpets sound good.
    Perhaps you\'ve put the bones too much upfront.

    Oh and perhaps make it longer than just 10 seconds ... ? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: My work using DDBE

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Yes, it should be longer, but the director wanted it to be a very short piece. I have another fanfare somewhere...If I find it, I will add that one to the site.

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    Re: My work using DDBE

    Two new works are on the site now.

    Another one with DDEB: Heroic Fanfare. The percusion is from various DS libraries.

    I added a piano piece: Meadows. This one uses the Bosendorfer from Bardstown Audio. I love how this recording sounds. You must hear this. No other piano has given me the sound I wanted for this work until now.

    Enjoy the music!

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