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Topic: Gigasounds on a budget

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    Gigasounds on a budget

    Hello everyone
    I am brand new to giga so know almost nothing! However, I am looking to buy some good giga sounds of an orchestral collection and a piano, bearing in mind I am a pianist at the Royal College of Music in London. I also have a tight budget and was wondering whether anyone can give me any suggestions of what to get.

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    Re: Gigasounds on a budget

    Hi Lloyd, and welcome!
    If you are looking for good value gigasounds, you might check out our products at Bigga Giggas. Among our products you might find \"BoB - Bigga Orchestral Brass\" interesting. You might also want to check our harpsichords that probably are the best around.
    You can listen to some mp3 demos of BoB here, here, here, here or here

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    Re: Gigasounds on a budget

    Yes! I love those types of questions....I get to influence people\'s decisions! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    For a piano I would get Malmsjo for $99 (or even less in some places) it sounds great, it\'s a nice mellow sound that contrasts to the Gigapiano.

    For strings I would get GOS LITE, it\'s a remarkably complete version of the full collection, same great sounds, a bit less samples but for the most part it\'ll allow you to get some great strings in your compositions $299.

    For horns....well, let me think about this for a second.....SAM Horns duh! Incredible sounding horns for a measley $99

    For woodwinds, that\'s a tough one....you could buy Dan Dean\'s excellent collection one instrument at a time for around $150 a pop, or you could go with the also excellent XSample series, also the same price but with a few more instruments coupled onto the same disk.

    For percussion....you could use some of the SAM team\'s timpani and the G-Town samples.....free!!!

    For harp I would recommend either Gigaharp for $99 or XSample harp for $130.

    Also....don\'t forget to check out worrasplace.com for some incredible freebees!

    I am sure the other contributors will add to this list because I know I missed something.

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    Re: Gigasounds on a budget

    Originally posted by midphase:
    ...and the G-Town samples.....free!!!

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">What samples are these and where can I find them?


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