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Topic: Mod wheel/ pitch bend controllers

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    Mod wheel/ pitch bend controllers

    I am currently thinking about purchasing a digital piano to replace my fatar SL-880. As of this week, I\'ve found one that has the right \"feel\" to it.

    However, the only problem is that it lacks a pitch wheel/ mod wheel. I currently use sample libraries like GOS that make heavy use of the mod wheel for dynamic control, so I was wondering if someone knew of a small device that I could hook up to gain access to pitch and modulation controls.

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    Re: Mod wheel/ pitch bend controllers

    I had to do the same thing because my old roland digital piano doesn\'t have any controllers except the three pedals.

    I bought an Oxygen 8 and it has served me very well. Back when it first came out it was all the rage, being small and loaded with knobs and stuff.

    But you know I rarely use more than 2 or 3 knobs. I\'ll use the mod wheel, the volume slider, and maybe program 1 of the 8 rotary knobs and that\'s about the extent of my use of the extra gizmos.

    Now it\'s around $140 and maybe more than you want to pay. I\'m not sure if anything\'s cheaper out there. I think I just saw a computer keyboard/midi keyboard hybrid--seems like a space saving idea, but I\'m not sure about the price.

    Good luck.


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    Re: Mod wheel/ pitch bend controllers

    What about Kurzweil SP88X, it has three sliders (three different assingments) and it\'s fully weighted

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    Re: Mod wheel/ pitch bend controllers

    I bought the evolution MK 461 for around $235 with a stand and a sustain pedal, but the 361 (nearly the same things I think was like $149.99) This midi controller has both pitch wheel and mod wheel has well as like another 32 controllers. It\'s awesome. (even though its USB there is no latency problems for me.

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