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Topic: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

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    Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    Hi all,

    I run Gigastudio on the same machine as VST32, and am running into a problem on mixdown.

    The audio and midi is nicely synced on playback. No problem whatsoever. To convert my midi to audio, I have 2 options. I can either go \'out and in again\', or Gst has a function to stream its\' output to a wav file.

    Obviously I would rather do the latter to keep noise down, but the audio events in the resulting wav file have slipped when I re-import it to VST32. The \'slippage\' gets worse throughout the piece until it is a full 5 seconds out after 10 minutes. This is not \'out of sync\', the wav file is longer than the piece.

    btw, the \'out and in again\' method works fine.

    My system isn\'t even breaking a sweat (5% on the VST32 meter, 1% on the Gst meter - 6% combined?), so whats the problem? I\'m guessing its an interaction problem between the two apps.

    I\'m putting my audio from VST32 through a Gadgetlabs Wave 8/24, and Gst is running through an Sblive.

    I\'ve read the other threads on this subject on this forum, but can\'t see any solutions reccommended.

    Can anyone offer an explanation? Does this happen with other apps? Is it related to which app has focus? Is it a disk access thing? TIA


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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    I\'d guess that the problem stems from the fact that each app is using its own audio device driver. It appears that each driver is providing its own timing information to the app that\'s calling it. If there\'s a way for you to (temporarily) disable one wave output on the Wave 8/24 in VST, and make that one output pair available to GST, I\'ll bet that when you try to capture audio in GST now, it\'ll line up.

    But this is just my guess..
    Good luck.

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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)


    I don\'t use SBlive but I seem to remember from reading other threads here that SBlive\'s digital I/Os only operate at 48kHz! If your VST project is 44.1kHz, a digital rendering @ 48kHz by GigaStudio would be longer when played in a 44.1 k project. I not sure if this the answer or not.


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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    I have experienced this problem.

    In VST make sure that only Nemesys MidiOut Port 1 is selected. You may also have other MIDI ports selected, such as which will cause problems.

    (Options/Synchronization/Sync Out/MIDI Clock)


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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    Thanks for the replies, guys

    From what Jim says, is it right that the \'capture to wave function\' uses the digital output of the soundcard its running through? I thought the whole point of \'capture to wave\' was that the AD/DA converters of the soundcard were bypassed entirely.

    Ed, your idea is good, but unfortunately the Wave 8/24 doesn\'t support Gst yet (Gsif drivers due with the WDM driver later this year)

    Lougheed, I\'ll try what you say as well. Do you just mean all real and virtual midi ports, or would you say all midi destinations at all e.g. VST instruments?



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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    In VST, go to Options/Synchronization

    Under Sync Out, click on MIDI clock. You will have a list of MIDI ports. Make sure only you have only one selected - Nemesys MidiOut Port 1.


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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    I also have the same problem .. it seems that Giga capture \"loose\" some frames while recording ... so the more Cubase play .. the more the audio events are ahead of midi time.
    Unfortunately, the Midi clock setting suggestion doesnt seem able to solve the problem.

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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    I don\'t agree that the problem is (strictly) with the GigaStudio capture, because I NEVER experience the problem when using Cakewalk. So, it must be something to do with Cubase (a setting) or how the two programs interact.


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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    Lougheed\'s midi tip also did not work for me so I guess it must be some interaction between VST and Gst.

    Any other ideas guys?


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    Re: Capture to wav (VST32 as sequencer)

    How about try to change the VST latency (32~93ms), audio buffer size, choose the synchronization clock to audio 30ND instead of MIDI timing.
    Good lucks,

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