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Topic: Try this with GigaPiano...

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    Try this with GigaPiano...

    Hey, I\'m curious about something.
    Bring up your Gigapiano. Hold down the sustain pedal and play a chromatic scale from the bottom to the top. Basically 88 keys (if you have them) sounding all at once. Now when I do it, I get a few pops and clicks. I can\'t understand why it is doing this. I have my system fully optimized with Gigastudio 160 and it wont even get past 64 voices. I\'m not sure if this is why it is causing clicks. Does anyone else have the same problem?
    I have Gigastudio 160 and an Athlon 700 mhz and SCSI 3 drive.

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    Re: Try this with GigaPiano...

    I wish someone would explain this for me, but I get the impression that some sounds are harder for the Gigstudio engine to play than others....

    I mentioned a similar problem to a piano sample manufacturer who replied that Nemesys were about to license him some \'compression\' software which would make his piano easier for Giga to play... go figure

    Fwiw - 88 chromatic notes on Gigapiano = 88 x 2 stereo voices = 174. (not that it really matters when your machine already had a cardiac arrest during voice #64).

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    Re: Try this with GigaPiano...

    I\'ve always had some problems with gigapiano when I first load it in Gigastudio 96. For about the first 2 minutes, I do some fast blues licks just for fun and toward the end of the licks, the sound stops and delays and comes out as clumped notes. After it is loaded in for a little while, the piano plays fine though. Obviously it is just a huge mutha of a sample. None of my other sounds do this.(Symphony of voices, Ethno World-except fot the saron gamelan, Advanced Orchestra compact edition, xsample percussion 9, etc...)

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