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Topic: etude 1

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    etude 1

    I was inspired by a Fernando Sor etude and decided to try something in that format. It is quite short and fairly simple. The form is A-A. This uses Ilya efimov guitar library. Please give a listen.


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    Re: etude 1

    Hey Jay! Another nice piece. I don't use guitars myself, but this piece really sounds great. I guess maybe I should step out of my own usual style of composing, I have been trying with Garritan WI, but I am just so stuck trying to finish a composition using exotic instruments.

    Great Job!!!


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    Re: etude 1

    Hey Richard! Thanks for the listen and comment. In my opinion, this nylon string guitar library is the best out there. They also make an acoustic guitar library but have not heard it yet. For me, WI has limited use and I probably won't be buying it although it seems to have interesting sounds in it. Thanks, Jay.

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    Re: etude 1

    That sounds real good, Mister Jay! Realistic!

    Would you please send me the internet link to this sample library?

    Thanks very much.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: etude 1

    Thanks for the listen Larry! This is the link to the site. http://www.ilyaefimov.com/

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    Re: etude 1

    Thanks for the information, Mister Jay. I appreciate your help.

    That was a great sounding guitar that you used and I really want to check it out.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: etude 1

    Wonderful piece, Jay.

    And indeed, this guitar library is outstanding, but that doesn't make it any easier to produce such a realistic play. You managed to combine both: a very nice piece of music and a highly realistic performance. Congrats!


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    Re: etude 1

    This sounds really wonderful. The sonority of the sound is marvellous. Great job,


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    Re: etude 1

    Additional question: I had a look at their library. Under which conditions is this playing? Kontakt or their own? Operating system?


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    Re: etude 1

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. The little pauses, the accents.... so well rendered plus warm, sorrowful....

    Honored to be part of your audience.


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