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Topic: MFC42.dll

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    I recently installed a new TASCAM PCI-822 card in my system. This system also has a TripleDat card installed. Both cards seem to coexist fine. However, when I loaded the Gigasampler LE and tried to launch the program, I got a page fault that apparently others have received, related to the MFC42.dll. I have scoured all the posts related to this and can\'t seem to extract a solution. Please help.

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    Re: MFC42.dll

    MFC stands for “Microsoft Foundation Class”. This dll is installed and used by various hardware and software installations, from Zip drives to AOL. I would guess that the installation of the new card put an older version to the file in place.

    Try doing a HD search for all copies of MCF42.dll, and putting the newest file in place.

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    Re: MFC42.dll

    I tried pulling out the PCI-822 and that did allow me to launch the application. Of course, I want both the PCI-822 and the TripleDAT card in the same computer. So there must be some sort of software conflict. The cards don\'t share the same IRQ and from an audio standpoint, both work well together. Is there something I can do to have Gigasampler see one card? Is there some setting in the control panel that I should be tweaking? Sure would like someone from Nemesys to weigh in.....

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