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Topic: Blue Tooth or not

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    Blue Tooth or not

    Can you tell me the difference between the blue tooth wireless technology and the other non blue tooth?

    I want to get a wireless computer keyboard. (to use in the studio)

    Which one would be better for me?





    Chaim Goldman

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    Re: Blue Tooth or not

    I\'ve heard of problems with the Microsoft line of BT devices so I would stick with Logitech. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Bluetooth has a longer range than traditional non-BT wireless keyboard & optical mouse gear and also the gadgets work on a much more sophisticated communication protocol so it\'s possible to do such things as switch the keyboard between two or more computers on the fly or stack devices.

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    Re: Blue Tooth or not

    Thanks. I\'m going with an Apple bluetooth keyboard.

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