I\'ve found that Win 2000 is pretty much useless for audio right now. Either the programs don\'t work, or the hardware doesn\'t.

I agree that Win2000 will be much better for audio eventually, but until it is, this is my solution.

I have one partition for the Operating System, a second for ALL programs, and additional partitions for audio, etc.

I set up an OS, Install programs to the Program partition, and make an image of the OS partition (Norton Ghost, etc)

Then I repeat the procedure with a different OS. Installing the Programs to the SAME partition and folders as before, and make an image of that OS partition. The OS will ignore programs that haven\'t been installed to it.

I can use whichever OS I want to load, (ie Win 98 w/Audio only - or Win 98 w/everything)
Any time I add new programs, I make a new image file of the OS.

On my Athlon 500, 256MB - it takes 5 to 10 minutes to change Operating systems.

When GS is ready for Win 2000, I\'ll be ready.

BTW - This is great for having one setup with Office etc, one with Giga only, another with Giga + Sequence.... you get the idea.


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