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Topic: keymapping

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    Im having a few problems key mapping and sampling and i wonder if anyone has any sugestions.

    First off i dont know how to get a note to sustain. I want to hit a note and have it not stop until i release or at least for a few seconds.

    Secondly when ever i make a sample and i key map it, it sounds fine for about one or two octaves but then it just sounds like a speeded up note like a alvin and the chipmunks effect. Does anybody know the cause of this.

    I might be using gigasampler the wrong way, is this software primarily for sample cds?

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    Re: keymapping

    Hey Magnus.

    1. To have a note \'sustain\' for a few seconds, or until you release it can involve a couple of steps:

    a) If the sound you sampled doesn\'t last as long as you need, then you will have to loop it. This can be easy or hard depending on the type of sound you sampled. Urban traffic will loop relatively easily, but a trio of flute players playing C3 can be tricky to loop without hearing clicks at the loop points. Looping is a waveform level operation, and usually done with a third party piece of software like sound forge or wavelab.

    b) If the sound you sampled is plenty long enough, then you need to play with the \'envelope\' of the sound. In this case it\'s the amplifier envelope - EG1 on the Gigasampler. There are actually a couple of good tutorials in the editor helpfile which you should look at for this, by the way.
    You have to get the sound up in the gigasampler editor (GSedit), select which region you want to edit (mouse click on the graphic), then go to EG1 in case properties and 1) for a long decay after you \'release\' the note, lengthen the value labelled RELEASE. There are a few ways to do this, but it\'s simple to just type a number in. You have to hit \'apply\' to get the new value to be used. 2) for the note to play at full volume while you hold it, make sure the \'SUSTAIN\' level is set at full. Save the sound when you\'re happy.

    2. Munchkinization has, for the last twenty years, been a fact of life for anyone trying to stretch a single sample out across a wide range. Gigasampler gets around this by having so much \'memory\' that people can simply record a new (correctly pitched) sample for every key. If you want to sample a girl singing middle C and then shift it up and down three octaves, it won\'t happen with your average sampler. Newer software solutions can get around this problem to a degree - like the Roland VP9000, or Acid pro. They\'re not perfect, but you can move away a lot further from the original pitch without you hearing Alvin. Gigasampler/studio doesn\'t have such a facility.

    You\'re not using Giga wrongly, it works pretty much like other samplers. It\'ll just take a while to get used to.

    Good luck

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