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Topic: sampler performance - adding 2nd harddrive

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    sampler performance - adding 2nd harddrive

    I\'ve read in several places to put your samples on a dedicated harddrive and that will drastically improve performance. I have a few questions concerning this.

    1. With Romplers (like Garritan or EWQLSO or Trilogy) should the whole thing be set up on the 2nd drive, or should the rompler be on the 1st drive and then move the samples to the 2nd drive?

    2. Should all the audio apps be on the 2nd drive? (Like your sequencers or other VSTs)

    3. Should your audio that you bounce to be on your 2nd drive?

    Considering all the questions above, what is the right setup for best perf?


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    Re: sampler performance - adding 2nd harddrive

    1) As far as the ROMplers, the answer depends on whether they do disc streaming or not. Garritan and EWQLSO use streaming, so the samples should be on the 2nd drive. The application should go on the 1st drive. ROMplers that don\'t use disc streaming like Virtual Guitarist, Groove Agent, and (I believe) Trilogy can have everything on the first drive.

    2) All applications, including audio, should be on the first drive.

    3) I believe best performance is acheived by having samples and the audio files you are recording them to on separate drives so the same drive is not reading and writing to itself. My understanding is that it is more efficient to have one drive reading the data (Samples) and writing to another drive (the audio files). If anybody who is more knowledgable about computer hardware disagrees with this, please correct me. I, in fact have three audio drives in addition to my system drive- one for samples, one for the multitracks that the samples get recorded to, and one for the final mixes that the multitracks get mixed down to. This may be overkill.

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