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Topic: Will more RAM make my CPU work less harder?

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    Will more RAM make my CPU work less harder?

    This might sound like a dumb question to some of you, but I wasn\'t really sure. Will more ram help my CPU from working harder? Right now I\'ve got an HP 667 MHz P3 with only 127 megs of ram.
    When I get to about 13 tracks, my CPU clocks out at about 56 percent, but I\'m also using alot of the NFX reverbs on different channels. I was just curious if I got another 128 megs if this would make my CPU go lower.

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    Re: Will more RAM make my CPU work less harder?

    Generally no.
    Having more memory only reduces the necessity for the cpu to page out memory to the slow hard disk drive.

    But if this happens, you are getting a response-problem anyway, especially with real time processes such as Gigasampler or HD-recording.

    Try out to switch off virtual (HD-)memory in the Windows-settings. If the systems still runs stable, there is no need to upgrade your memory.


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