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Topic: Need extra ears judging these compositions!

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    Need extra ears judging these compositions!

    Hi NS gang, just a while ago we organised a competition (piano compositions) and the amount of entries is overwhelming. I would really appreciate some of your expert ears to help listening to this! Very interesting stuff!

    The entries can be found here: POST PIANO COMPETITION

    By the way, after several downloads the host (sectionz) will ask you to write a review to download all of the compostions, so please do so.

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    Re: Need extra ears judging these compositions!

    Hi Michiel...is the competition still open for yet another entry?! If so, I would like to enter one of my piano compositions. Should it be using a particular piano sample like your Grandioso Bosendorfer? What are the other requirements and useful information to know about the competition? Thanks.

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