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Topic: Recommended cd for high hats??

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    Recommended cd for high hats??

    I was looking into purrrfect drums but didn\'t realize there were so many cds. I can\'t find any descriptions that point out which cd\'s have what (i..e which one has the high hats, which combo would get me a full kit). I basically want a one or two cd solution that uses mod wheel (like clearmountain) to handle opening and closing of high hats.


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    Re: Recommended cd for high hats??

    I am not sure if there are any mod wheel switches on hi-hats. You could easily program something like that. The hi-hats in Purrfect Drums, and the cymbals overall, are really sweet. If Giga 3.0 increases the available dimensions/layers capability, then this library will be one of the version 2.0 collections that can benefit enormously. The material is all there, just waiting to be hooked up.

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    Re: Recommended cd for high hats??

    Hi Brian,

    Trust me when I say that you don\'t want to use the mod wheel to switch between Hi-hat articulations. (At least not until version 3.0 of GigaStudio is released)

    The reason why is that you\'re limited to a total of 16 stereo samples per region. This means you\'d have 16 samples to cover all articulations.
    If you use MIDI notes instead, each articulation can then use the full 16 stereo samples per region.

    This is the way the PD Hi-hat is setup...

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    Re: Recommended cd for high hats??

    You might try this Natural Sounds Kit that has been posted on this forum.... it\'s free!

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    Re: Recommended cd for high hats??

    I like using the mod wheel when recording high hat parts because I find it easy to articulate that way. I don\"t need insane mapping at this point. So far I use clearmountain drums II and it is only 3 samples mapped by the mod wheel. So anything above 3 would do me just fine! But now the question is this:

    If I have a drum sample cd (say sonic implants) where the high hats are note mapped, how do I edit the giga file so that they are instead mod wheel mapped?


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    Re: Recommended cd for high hats??


    yeah - try out the naturalstudio kit - here\'s why...

    the hi hat has about 16 velocity layers on closed hi-hat, 16 layers on another closed hi-hat (this is kind of tight sound) about 10 (maybe more?) samples on open hi-hat and around 12 (maybe more?) on pedal. You should be able to make something from that.

    although - i woudld be inclined to say that these samples were recorded as a drummer would play them - i.e. varying foot pressure. you might find you don\'t need the mod-wheel after all.

    Douglas (naturalstudio)

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    Re: Recommended cd for high hats??

    I think the purrfect drums library has the best hats around.

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