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Topic: mdfmuse can you help please?

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    mdfmuse can you help please?

    Hi, I read one of your posts on getting rid of the pops on the gigapiano when playing fast groups of notes, etc. Sorry to be a bit of a pain, but I don\'t understand anything past set hard drives to DMA mode.
    ie. disk compression, disable windows animation, edit win.ini file/autoexec.bat/config.sys (don\'t you need all that stuff), vcache, and disable write behind disk caching.
    I\'d really appreciate any help or if you could point me in the direction of more info on these that would real handy.

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    There are something you could check one or more as follows:
    1> Defrag the harddisk, once every 1~3 months
    2> Make sure the USB is not being used or video card in the AGP slot rather than a PCI (Some of soundcard vendors recommend it)
    3> Make sure your GSIF driver is the latest.
    4> The current V2.025 could solve that problem, but please note that it would be a problem if your system is lower than 300MB-RAM (un-stable within about less than an hour). Someone reports the 2.019 is stable! how is yours? I found on the V2.025 is also reduced the Voice polyphony about 10~20% compared to the V2.0. It means that you will get less polyphony after a few bugs have been fixed.
    5> Multiple fast harddrives would helps
    6> Avoid to have an IDE-HD for Giga/audio as same as IDE cable with the CDROM-DRIVE
    7> Faster CPU (900MH~1GH) and more DRAM(512-768M@133) would helps
    8> Better GSIF and multiclient would helps
    9> in the MIDI-Audio Seq program, try to change the latency setting (25~92ms), block size like 64-256 would helps.
    10> Try to run only Piano track or use the Master-Ctrl keyboard to see if the pops and cracles are disappeared or not...make sure the CPU/MEM performace reading by Giga less than 75%. (your system is running out of resources) need to upgrade? or the optimization is not quite best.
    11> The Vcache setting also is very important for large program like the Gigapiano, it would be required about min=max=~60K~100K based-on the 320~512MB-RAM.
    12> When you are running the GigaStudio and the Seq-program, check your windows system resource (System property, performance), you should have about not less than \"25% Free\", to keep the system very stable. Otherwise, it might cause a problem as well.

    Conclusion: To run the Gigapiano in high polyphony without crackes/click/pop is a tough job. Not only you and it is true that many of us were/are having same problems, why? I see the Gigastudio is currenly used up to 50~75% system resources...Even you have tweaked to the best taking performance that only can be gained to 5~15% CPU/MEM. So the good solution for the GigaStudio is still the supper faster CPU and larger amount RAM???
    Hope this helps,

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    Thanks, I\'ll try upgrading to the new version first and see what happens. The system I\'m using should be ok PIII 800 384 RAM, but could maybe use some faster hard drives. I\'m using a Sblive at the moment because it\'s in the machine, but will probably get GSIF compatible powersampler or mixtreme soon (suggestions?). One other thing, where are the vcache settings and how do I change them?

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    1> About Vcache setting, Search for the Vcache in the system.ini, yours is about 384x256 = 98,304 (min=max) +/- 10%
    2> About the GSIF soundcards:
    +++ a> I see someone\'s here is successful with the SB, So with the PIII-800/384 should be working fine (see other posts about polyphony). To solve the current problems, you might not need to upgrade it!
    +++ b> The mixtreme or power-sampler should be a good GSIF for the GigaStudio, when you want 16 Output Channels with the hardware DSP for final mixing with effect-processing. I also see some reports without the problem.
    +++ c> Voice polyphony, like I said earlier, CPU? MEM? soundcard? harddisk? GSIF driver? output channels? NFX? audio track? program patches? the way you play??? they could make the h*ll of differences in Giga Polyphony!
    Congratulation when it reachs 160 voices (without problems) when you have Orchestra, giagpiano, harps, rhodes tracks in same sequencer...
    Good lucks,

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    Hello. I have created an Adobe Acrobat PDF file containing all the tips I used to optimize my Windows computer for GigaStudio. These include disk speed tips, system-level tips, etc. All of the included information I obtained over the last year via sites on the Internet; most all sites were recommended by other Giga users on this Giga forum. I have simply collected these tips together and placed them all into the PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file (available free at www.adobe.com). Obviously I cannot promise you that these tips I\'ve collected will help in your particular situation, but they did help me very much! Please post your email address here in this topic if you would like me to email a copy of the tips to you. I\'d be glad to help out in this way!

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    Hey mdfmuse!

    Please count me in.:


    A guy I know has an ex Fairlight techy pulling his system apart and documenting every improvement/problem he experiences.

    If he doesn\'t mind, I\'ll post it when he\'s done.

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    Thanks mdfmuse, it\'s


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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    Thanks, mdfmuse. jphardy@mindspring.com

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

    count me in

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    Re: mdfmuse can you help please?

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