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Topic: anyone using giga for Live ????

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    anyone using giga for Live ????

    I\'m looking into getting a sampler, i was thinking of the XV-5080 but was wondering if anyone manage to use Giga live...is it reliable ???? How did you configure your rig for it to be portable ?? Thanks

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    Re: anyone using giga for Live ????


    I had configured a GigaStudio for to use in a \"live\" situation, and despite some minor problems, if you use the right sound card, you should be able to make it work eficienly.

    I use a Pentium III 600 with 256 MB, a Terratec sound card with 8 outputs, dedicated only for GStudio, and have two keyboard players playing at the same time! It hangs once in a while, suddenly all the sounds goes mad with an unwanted vobrato, but with the las GStudio version everything works almost right. I have ordered an special box for the computer on the road, and charged with all my sounds. Not to mention that everybody in the group was against my adventure... but it was worth to try it, and works for me.



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