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Topic: Loaded instruments changing channels by themselves

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    Loaded instruments changing channels by themselves

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I\'m working with Gigastudio 160, and loading orchestral instruments into 33 of the channels, using ports 1,2 & 3. I have saved this as a Gigastudio performance file. Using Cakewalk 9.03 as my sequencer, during the playback of the suite, a few of the instruments on certain channels will be replaced with other loaded instruments. If I change them back to what they are supposed to be, they will remain correct for the remainder of the session, but change again the next time I launch the sequencer. There are no patch change controller commands on the the channels that change. I\'m using a PIII 733 with 128MB PC133 RAM, seperate Maxtor 7200 RPM drive for the samples. Any advice? Thanks.

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    Re: Loaded instruments changing channels by themselves

    As you\'re known, the Giga doesn\'t like the patch changes, but in initialization
    Cakewalk would sends the program change very first time whenever you launch the Cakewalk program.

    To solve this problem, try to edit the track properties in CW like bank=none, patches=none on the certain tracks that having problems. For me, It would be a feature, not a bug! somehow you can use it as the feature.

    How? When I use the GM-500 libray, it will automates the correct patches, all I need to load all 128 programs (GM), just like the regular soundcard, no matter how many ports (64 tracks) and how many repeated program sounds, Gia would loads the programs that we used in the CW-Sequencer. Only the Drum (CH10) has a little tricky, to modify the Drum track property like bank=1 and patches=0 since all the rest are bank=0, patches=0~127 or (1~128). You can view them in GigaStudio, to see how they are assigned. For instance, when you load GigaPiano, Grand-Piano has bank=0, patches=0, the light-piano has bank=0, patches=1.
    The same idea you might had the orchestra programs are being used same banks and patches (conflicted patches) So some of the program has priority to update your Giga patches automaticaly. It is explained what were happen in your case.
    I\'ve also seen it was happen to me when I had multiple programs in same bank and patch (Piano, Rhodes, harps, strings, etc). Some of those are using bank 0 or 1 (same patches), then you will need to modify the appropriated bank to match it without going to program-edit process. Otherwise, you should disable the intial patched like I described earlier.
    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Loaded instruments changing channels by themselves

    Thanks for your response. I checked the settings and there are no program or bank change commands (they are all set to none), and each track is assigned to a different channel within each port. I checked the event list and there are no program change messages there either. It\'s definitely something in the Cakewalk initialization that is changing it. I\'m going to check the .ini file to see if it\'s in there.

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    Re: Loaded instruments changing channels by themselves

    You may want to check that GigaStudio is loading the sounds with the same instrument numbers when you reload the performance. If you change sounds in Gigastudio by removing one and then adding another it will change the instrument (program change)numbers the next time you load in the performance on other sounds. This is definitely a bug in GigaStudio and there was a thread regarding this issue about a month ago on this forum. This bug can drive you crazy if you have program changes within your sequence. It would be nice if you could change the instrument number in Gigastudio.

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