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Topic: Not film music - but more Bruckner

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    Not film music - but more Bruckner

    A little more classical music for those interested - a small section from the 8th Symphony.


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    Re: Not film music - but more Bruckner

    What strings did you use? Sounds real good man!

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    Re: Not film music - but more Bruckner

    Hello Craig_L. I loved the Bruckner. Excellent expression and breathing. Any interest in doing another - say finale to Bruckner\'s 4th symphony. I love it!

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    Re: Not film music - but more Bruckner

    Thanks guys.

    Strings are a combination of ULTIMATE STRINGS and ROLAND STRINGS. The tremelos are ULTIMATE. The ULTIMATE STRINGS were converted from the Roland version which was only $99 at Soundsonline.

    I did have ago at the finale to Symphony 4 as well as No 3. I\'ll have another look.

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    Re: Not film music - but more Bruckner

    Hey Craig:

    Your Bruckner sequences always cost me . . . I end up running out and buying the actual recordings. Didn\'t have the eighth, but this movement is sublime, and that stereotypical Brucknerian chord progression near the beginning did it for me.

    You know how to push those Roland strings of yours. The woods of course must be replaced this Christmas with a new library sitting under the tree. Most important here however is the degree of realism achieved in your very expressive phrasing and timing, as well as the dynamic control throughout. Fine sequencing. It\'s great that there\'s a few people out there doing a few mockups of works from the literature, these sequences will become very important in the near future as they will represent the only legitimate means of evaluating the new libraries on the way.

    But hold off a while till your next Bruckner sequence, I just can\'t afford it. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Cheers, Gungnir

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    Re: Not film music - but more Bruckner

    Thanks Gungnir - yes those woodwinds are a bit thin when laid bare like that - I need some new libraries - definitely a Christmas present due.
    I must admit I\'m craving some natural concert hall ambience and can\'t seem to find it with the likes of acoustic mirror, cakewalk soundstage etc.
    Ah well...

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