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Topic: Confused

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    I am very interested in the gigasampler software, but I read in one of the posts that I may have some problems with my software.
    I have cubase vst v.5, a delta 44, and an sblive as a midiport. I read that gigasampler won\'t allow cubase to share the delta 44 driver. Is this so and is there a fix? or would I be better off to purchase gigastudio instead?
    I\'m mainly interested in using the software as a soft synth to record midi tracks, nothing too fancy, but would like to know if I\'m going to have serious problems or not!
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Confused

    On a related note,
    can you sync the audio of delta 44 with
    the midi of sblive for extended periods of time. Mine falls out of sync, digi aum3, and sblive midi.

    Thanks for your response.

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