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Topic: Major Problem! *solved*

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    Major Problem! *solved*

    Hello *problem solved when i updated gigastudio*

    I\'m suddenly having severe problems making gigastudio work after i changed my soundcard from sblive to waveterminal 2496. Soundblaster gave me close to zero lateny, but the new card is rather slow! I have formatted my harddrive and reinstalled sonar/gigastudio (before that i had severe clicking and popping, but not now).

    The latency is really terrible with dxi, vst and giga and i have no idea why. Can the problem be the new soundcard? SbLive gave me far better results... [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    I can\'t play my malmsjö anymore.. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    If anyone have any experience with the waveterminal 2496 or other egosys cards, or anyone else for that matter, please give me some help, anything is appreciated!

    By the way, when trying the ns kit i get another weird problem.. The sound suddenly shifts pitch upwards about an octave or so a second after the key is played.. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    ...I am so tired of tweaking my computer.. I spend more time \"fixing\" it (destroying it further) than making music! [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Love Plundrik

    My computer:
    Windows XP Professional
    Egosys Waveterminal 2496
    Egosys Miditerminal for 2496
    Asus A7V-E (VIA chipset, but bios is updated [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )
    AMD Athlon 1200
    20+80 GB Harddrive (samsung/western digital)
    Giga and gigs are on separate drives


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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    Hi Plundrik:

    Have you set the latency in th waveterminal panel?
    You have to do this before launching any audio application.

    Also remember to delete old audio drivers and be sure that the IRQ is not used by another hardware component.


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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    AND when i close gigastudio i get a bluescreen (i hate bluescreens) saying \"irq not less or equal... blabla the pc has shut down in order to prevent damage on your computer\" (!!)

    oh my [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    Thanks for the quick reply, Skarbee! I have a fresh install so there are no other drivers.. I\'ll check out the irq. The soundcard works perfectly for playing wavs and mp3s..

    In the waveterminal console the latency is set to the factory deafault \"1024 sample\". Is this right?

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    No irq conflict. The soundcard is the only device using the specified irq (irq 9)

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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    Originally posted by Plundrik:
    AND when i close gigastudio i get a bluescreen (i hate bluescreens) saying \"irq not less or equal... blabla the pc has shut down in order to prevent damage on your computer\" (!!)

    oh my [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I get exactly the same msg on two of my systems since i upgraded to winXP. But thats when i use cubase SX.. What im saying is that it doesnt have to be your hardware.. might be an XP thing [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]


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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    Yes, it could be an XP thing.. Hope not, though..

    Now, all of my samples are suddenly pitched much higher than they should. I feel like a smurf [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    I seriously consider purchasing steinberg \"the grand\" for pianos instead of giga witch has been nothing but a pain for me (hope it will change sometime soon)

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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    sounds like its set to the wrong sample rate, Check the waveterminal control settings and force the sample rate to 44.1, and make sure your sequencer (if you\'re using one) is set to the same sample rate.

    I think you may have it set to \"auto\" which is fine, but one of the apps is making it play and the wrong sample rate.

    I have a WamiRack 24 and it works fine under 98se with Cubase 5.1 and Giga

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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    Yep, guess it was king, the problem went away by itself.

    Now, the only problem is the bluescreens. I can make gigastudio work perfectly in win98se, but i have to use xp to make my network work.. Haven\'t tried the update but i will.

    Thanks for the help everyone! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Major Problem! *solved*

    Since GSt won’t work with the SBLive under XP, I assume that you must also have just changed OSs. Do you have the latest version of Giga? 2.53.05 is the most current. The “IRQ not less or equal” message was a feature of the early 2.5 release.

    BTW, there’s no reason to the Giga application on a separate drive.

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