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Topic: HELP!! Hard disk failure

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    HELP!! Hard disk failure

    Sorry for the OT but I\'ve just had the second HD failure on my Mac in the space of a few weeks and I\'m desperate. It\'s the second ATA drive which contains EWQLSO and VSL Performance Set which keeps failing

    The drives in question are Western Digital 160 GB ATA 8 MB cache drives. However I\'m starting to think it isn\'t a hardware fault.

    I\'m still using OS9.2.2 and Drive Setup won\'t let me initialize a drive to a size larger than 128 GB. Consequently I\'ve restarted in OSX and initialized the 160 GB drive to it\'s full capacity there as per instructions on the Apple site
    ( http://docs.info.apple.comarticle.html?artnum=86178 ) The drives have been recognised in OS9 but they keep failing with an error code -127 and then I get a message that says the disk needs to be repaired. When I run Disk First Aid and click Repair I get a message that says \"This is not an HFS disk.\" The next time I restart, the drive is missing from the desktop and I\'ve lost all the data [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Both times the drives have failed I was installing large amounts of samples and I think I may have gone over 128 GB.

    Does anyone know what is happening here and how I can stop the drives from failing? Is there a 128 GB limit on my model of Mac using OS9.2.2? I\'m using a dual 1 ghz G4 (first generation model.)

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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    I don\'t have a direct answer for you, rather a solution path .. I seem to recall discussion of this on the motu-mac forum (at yahoogroups.com).
    Another great site for help with this type issue is daw-mac, also at yahoogroups.


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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    Thanks Trond, I\'ll go and have a look now.

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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    I have two Western Digital 120 GB ATA 8 MB Cache Harddisks. One of them became defect after a few months. Following the instructions on the WD website I sent back the harddisk and I got a new one very soon! Here\'s the support link:
    (I selected \"Standard Replacement\".).

    Western Digital has great support. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    Great support hardly makes up for the fact that their drives are constantly dying. And when they send you a \"new\" drive, better check twice. Chances are you\'ll see \"Refurbished\" somewhere on the sticker.

    I\'ve read several reports from computer techs that the first batch of Special Editions were pretty solid drives. But over the past 6 months or so, WD started cutting serious corners and producing \"lighter, cheaper\" drives that have the shelf life of a piece of sushi.

    I\'m just speculating, but they most likely switched the production plant contracts to cheaper countries which has resulted in major problems with the current crop of Special Edition drives.

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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    Sorry to hear it. I never had great luck with WD, but the IBM Deathstars are the worst. The first two WDs that came with my brandy new Dell computer back in \'95 died within a month of use. Since then I\'ve stayed away from the brand, and prefer Fujitsu (I think the quietest) and Maxtor. Some people haven\'t had good experiences with Maxtor.

    You post caught my attention because a couple of years ago I had an experience with a Mac G4 at work (the machine was a $4000 CD/DVD player [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ). I was trying to fix a network problem, so I opened the little network control panel thingy, changed a setting, hit OK, and POOF! no more hard drive [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    Never heard the end of it (after all, it was the office jukebox)... If you lose another drive you\'ll have to have somebody run full diagnostics on your motherboard, controller, PSU, etc. And don\'t forget to write to Steve to get reimbursed.

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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    Being paranoid of a bad brand of harddrive is a bit silly. There are bad \'runs\' of hard drives, most most manufacturers sort it out later. I\'ve even got the run of \'bad\' IBM Deskstar drives. I have 5 of them in fact for over two 1/2 years. No problems whatsoever, except for one bad block that I repaired easily on one drive. Each brand has had it\'s bad times. Just read lots of reviews and see if there are problems.


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    Re: HELP!! Hard disk failure

    There are also certain brands of hard drives that simply wont work with certain motherboards/chipsets.

    IBM drives had an issue running on some (perhaps all?) Abit motherboards. I killed three before it became official. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve heard that some have had issues with W.D. drives but luckily for me (touch wood) I\'ve never had a single glitch with mine. I have at least one W.D. drive in each of my 3 DAW\'s.

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