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Topic: Have I got a dodgy copy of GS160?

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    Have I got a dodgy copy of GS160?

    just received the GS 160 today. On the gigapiano disc packet there\'s a sticker saying \'please use replacement disks\'. Does this mean I\'ve got one of the older faulty versions of gigapiano, or is it ok? Wouldn\'t mind knowing before I open it all up and try to install it.

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    Re: Have I got a dodgy copy of GS160?

    Use the GigaPiano in the replacement pack, and toss out the GigaPiano CD from the jewel case - and you should be fine. The piano in the Jewel case is the one which could have a defect (from an earlier lot which had a higher than normal defect ratio), and the replacement pack has the re manufactured CD.

    Also, after you register, you can download the latest GigaStudio free update from www.nemesysmusic.com/products/versions.html

    I hope that helps!


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    Re: Have I got a dodgy copy of GS160?

    If you still have problems, like I did even with the replacement CD, getting completely registered you might want to call tech support.
    Kevin at Nemesys actually had me go into the Gigastudio program and change my registry CD drive, which was reading M drive and change it to the correct F drive. After we did that, I had no problems since.

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