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Topic: Does QL Brass supplement the Sam Libraries?

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    Does QL Brass supplement the Sam Libraries?

    The only sample libraries I own so far are Silver and GPO (and the full version of Kontakt). As a trombonist, I find myself wanting to write more and more with horns. (both brass choir stuff and some pops stuff) Therefore, I plan on buying all the Sam Libraries as soon as they are done converting them to Kontakt. However, I also thought it would be cool to buy the QL Brass (for EMU) and play with CDXtract to convert it to Kontakt format. At $99, its almost a no-brainer, but I was curious if QL-Brass is mostly redundant with Sam Project stuff, or do they complement each other well?

    Also - anything I should know when using CDXtract to convert Emu to Kontakt? Would anybody recommend a different source format (for any reason)?


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    Re: Does QL Brass supplement the Sam Libraries?

    They complement nicely, although I usually reach for the SAM stuff first. To my ears, QLB is dryer, more dry than even the \"close\" SAM samples, and the attacks are sometimes a little faster/tighter. QLB also has more mutes on the solo instruments.


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    Re: Does QL Brass supplement the Sam Libraries?

    I wouldn\'t bother getting QLB for orchestral stuff.

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    Re: Does QL Brass supplement the Sam Libraries?

    Nick, don\'t be shy about the value of QL Brass for pop and jazz though. I don\'t know who you hired to perform the samples, but I\'d really love to hear these musicians play live.

    QL Brass doesn\'t have the layers, bits and programming tricks to match the latest generation of libraries, but it\'s the best thing I\'ve come across for pop/jazz brass.

    To me it\'s an excellent compliment to the orchestral libs, if you want to play a wider range of styles.

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