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Topic: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

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    Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Got this in my email today:

    \"Sound Chaser, as of 10/25, has ceased normal business. No staff is currently employed here, except a small team to finish things up. We are
    liquidating all remaining inventory and encourage you to check out our clearance items at http://store.yahoo.com/soundchaser/index.html - Software, audio hardware and computer components are being sold at or below cost in most cases.\"

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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Does anyone know and wish to discuss what happened?


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    I know that the DAW market is hurting a little, due to people acuiring skills to build their own. However the DAW market has many dedicated clients, even those that know how to build a system, but choose not to, and get that support in return. I dont know why, but thats not my concern.

    I am sad to see them go as I bought most of my gear from them.

    I have however recently purchased my new gear from Soundsonics.

    Similar in price to Soundchaser. I think PMuse from Tascam referred to them. They have similar products, but are a very small company.

    I will miss Paul and their staff.

    Goodby Soundchaser

    Have a good weekend dudes


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Very sad to hear. Good luck in the future guys..


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    thats where I got my machine last year. They were so helpful and courteous. Anyone have and Idea where I could go for service now?


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Follow the link. he y have offered a service solution-not free, but apparently competent.


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Raven: Do you have a link for Soundsonics?

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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye


    I think the url is in the discussion link below



    Have a good weekend dudes!


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Thanks for the info, I did eventually get an email in my pop accounts about the soundchaser closing.


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    Re: Sound Chaser Says Good-Bye

    Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words everyone. Although most of the Sound Chaser staff are off doing other things now, everyone who worked here invested a lot in making it a good place to do business with. And, in more cases than I can count, the relationships with customers went way past \"just business\". Collectively, we wish you all the best in your musical pursuits.

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