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Topic: Win2000

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    Does anyone know when Giga Studio will support win2000?

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    Re: Win2000

    Dave of Nemesys told me few weeks ago maybe at the end of this year or next year...but
    why???windows 2000????
    Big problems with soft/hardware!!!!

    We are happy, that all is working fine with
    Windows 98!!! Will be fine for the next 2 years!!!


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    Re: Win2000

    Whistler is in Beta. Supposedly ME will be replaced early next year. Thought to get a jump on it. All my other software supports it including drivers for soundcards. I take it then, \"don\'t worry, I might be dead by then?\"

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    Re: Win2000

    Sorry, Franz ( bestservice ) ... this is complete bull**** !!! ( sorry if this sounds rude ) ...

    Windows 98 is far from being a professional OS. It crashes often, it does not support two processors and it does not multitask too well. It is a gamers system and even gamers would be happy if they could finally switch to W2K.

    In 2 years Win98/ME will probably not even be used anymore. The future ( and also the present if you are concerned with stability and work professionally ) is definitely based on NT ( W2k, whistler etc. ) and not on DOS.

    In fact, Gigastudio, on my system is the only thing that does not work in W2K. I´ve got native Win2000 midi and audio drivers for my hardware and everything works so much better in W2K than it ever used to in Win98.

    Also, running Gigastudio on one PC with Cubase, even with a P3/933 is almost impossible when using more than approx. 100 voices. Forget about even running audio tracks at the same time in Cubase. For this to become possible we need dual processor systems and for this alone we need W2K.

    So please ... even if you personally might not need a better system, there are many people out there that would.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Re: Win2000

    Everything runs faster and has more responsive multitasking in Win2k versus Winblows98, and more importantly Win2k rarely crashes. Not to mention the fact that it really sucks to reboot your computer everytime you want to use GigaStudio (to switch from Win2k to Win98). Please Nemesys, give us Win2k support!

    From what I understand, the problem with giving Win2k support is the GSIF drivers have to be rewritten. I for one would gladly buy a new soundcard if Nemesyss could at least come out with one GSIF that works in Win2k.

    Originally Nemesys said \"end of summer\" for Win2k support, but now they are saying \"end of this year or next year?\" Ughh! Nemesys is limiting its otherwise wonderful software until it comes out with support for a real OS.

    Pllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee Nemesys, get it to work in Win2k!!!

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    Re: Win2000

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GigaBeliever2:

    From what I understand, the problem with giving Win2k support is the GSIF drivers have to be rewritten. I for one would gladly buy a new soundcard if Nemesyss could at least come out with one GSIF that works in Win2k.

    Nemesys needs to port GSIF to WDM to enable a \"WDM-GSIF\" driver. Then the audio card vendors simply need to support WDM and GSIF will automatically be available. M-Audio has just released a beta WDM driver for Win2k and it comes with a WDM-ASIO driver. Same exact concept.

    I\'m sure there has to be more done with GigaStudio to make it Win2k, but IMO the driver situation should become a non-issue.

    -david abraham

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    Re: Win2000

    Sorry midiboy (professionel)
    ...but if you want to use GS this year;-) - let it run under Win98, otherwise - have fun with WinNT!
    The question is \"Is GS running with Win2000\"
    Answer - No!
    Are there GS/IF drivers for Win2000?
    Answer - No!
    And I recommend the use of Win98 to work without problems.Is that wrong?
    Answer - No!

    You talk about \"professional use\". It´s not really professional to run CUBASE and GS on
    on the same machine!
    I´m not happy with Win98, it cost´s us a lot of time to solve musicians problems. But we solved their problems!!! We build about 125
    GigaSampler/Studio PC, that all running in
    Studio´s allover europe, with Win98 and without big problems! Problems appears if you install a lot of garbage on your PC!
    But if you are a prof, then you don´t want wait to long for GigaStudio!
    But if you have the money to buy a doubleprocessor raid ...PC, and you have the time to solve future problems - do it!
    Or you better buy two \"stupid-normal-Win98 gamer-PC\"(for a price you spend for the doublep...) but - and that´s the secret - without any installed Games, Office Word, Works...no TV-Cards - only Win98SE or Me,
    and if you use ASUS P2B-F or P3B-F Boards,
    and you use good soundcards (see nemesys website) you will have NO problems!!!
    With Cubase on the first, and GS on the second PC connected via MIDI, Audio and networkcards, you have a big studio for less money!!!
    And if you do so, you can make music!
    No matter which OS you use!

    By the way, on a P III 500, 265MB, using a Echo Gina 20 bit we run up to 10 AUDIO-Tracks
    with 3 VST effects, 3 VST Synths AND up to
    8 Tracks GS via MIDI at the same time, up to
    70 voices - not bad i guess...!
    But you need two drives (IDE 7200 or SCSI)one for CUBASE one GS!

    And if this system runs properly for the next two years...why changing the OS????
    Win2000 sounds not really better than Win98;-)

    If you need more voices, buy a third PC, ask nemesys for a second licence, where is the problem?

    A P III 800 with Cheetah drives gives you 160 voices!

    So, dont be angry with me, let us talk about this problem if you become a \"midimaaaan\"!
    (Sorry - a joke!!!)

    Franz bestservice

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    Re: Win2000

    Franz I, and probably others would be interested in knowing what you have removed from windows to minimize it. In detail if possible. Earl

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    Re: Win2000

    Franz, I completly agree with you. Although I would like a gigasampler win2000 release for the obvious reasons, my systems with win98 works perfect. Besides that I rather see Nemesys finetune the current version. I just use Gigasampler on it and use my mac for sequencing and audio. Apart from some minor isues, everything works fine. Btw I don\'t remember any of my hardware sampler to work so stable! If you use any special finetuning than please share it with us.

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    Re: Win2000

    Hi Earl!
    We install Windows 98 SE. We use TweakUi
    to remove all animated items like windows, menues...! Thats all!
    There is no need to minimize Win98!
    But, we install no other software on this computers! (no other software is not korrekt - works fine with Cakewalk,Cubase,Reaktor, WaveLab, Soundforge, sorry Emagic not with Logic at this time!) No problems with ethernet cards.
    If you want to work with Word,Excel PhotoShop...., use Boot-Magic to create two Boot-Partitions. On Startup you can choose what you want to do: 1. Music
    2. Office!


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