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Topic: HELPPP!!

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    Re: HELPPP!!

    What\'s your overall configuration? I deduced that you\'re running GS160. Are you running MOL? Through an audio/midi card? Sequencer on the same/different machine?

    I\'ve had some problem like this when I started Giga with my keybaord off, or my USB midi accidentally unplugged. I turned off the machine, plugged everything in, restarted and it was fine.

    The other thing to try, if that\'s a no-go, is to go into the hardware settings, mess with things, hit \"apply\", set them back, hit \"apply\". Test. Reboot, if needed.

    Best of luck!

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    For some reason, LAN ports 2,3,4 are not working. The are all green, I have instances of the vsl midi tool open for each one, but no data goes through! It was working yesterday just fine, but for some reason it doesn\'t now. I checked my sequencer ports, they\'re all correct.

    What would cause this?

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