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Topic: New piece posted!

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    Re: New piece posted!

    My 2 cents:

    If it\'s a groove then stick to instruments that are synthy in nature from drums to leads.

    If you want to use acoustic sounding samples then tweak the heck out of \'em until they don\'t sound like acoustic samples.

    The orchestra hit comment is more or less what I\'m trying to say.

    In addition, I\'d say if it\'s a groove thing, then change up the rhythm every four or eight bars or something.

    And the harmony too, modulate or do a variation.

    Music these days has become sooooo repetitious and boring (partly because of the computer-will -do-it-for-ya- nature of things) that we have to take some care to add variation whether it be harmonic, rhythmic and/or melodic....Even if it\'s background music.

    The point is to be interesting and not dumb-down the listener (like so much music does these days).

    No attacks...just my opinion. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    New piece posted!

    Hey everyone -

    I\'ve posted a new piece titled \"Lock and Load\" here.
    It\'s a percussion/techno/rock/orchestra piece that\'s short and designed to loop as in-game/interface music. (Is there a name for this type of music btw?) There\'s some sam horns/trumpet, as well as some PA stuff in there.

    I\'d love to hear what you think!

    Eric Doggett

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    Re: New piece posted!


    The tune has a nice action vibe to it, and it would be 1000 better if you didn\'t had that flat \"Orchestra Hit\" thing with your orchestral parts.
    Try listening to some MV pieces...hmm..Spy Game is close to what you\'re trying to do here, and pay atention to orchestration.


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    Re: New piece posted!

    Interesting, Marty, so you would suggest adding additional modulations/filters/etc to the piece? I\'ll have to play with that and see. The orchestra is not a \'hit\' per se (it\'s not a single patch) but rather sequenced bass, violas, strings, cellos, brass, etc. But I guess it comes across as a hit.

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    Re: New piece posted!

    I can hear that it\'s not a Orchestra Hit patch, I was just saying that you are heting the Orchestra Hit sound.....
    Try orchestrating those hits a bit differently, and maybe move them a bit slightly so that all notes ar not exactly dead on beat.

    And get Spy Game.... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: New piece posted!

    Eric, first of all, I want to say keep on going, man. I hope you didn;t take my poast as a hard hit.

    I just I notice more and more in Movies and games and commercials and elevators and shopping malls and cafes and etc. music is becoming the one-dimension-loop-affair.

    I\'m just trying to say \'consider variety\'. Not fast moving MTV where there is a picture every half of a second. But rather keep the music changing so that we the listener can have a journey of timbres, rhythms, melodic and harmonic ventures. The best place to listen for this is go to Stravinsky, Ravel\'s orchestrations, Beethoven, hell, even Bjork does a fair job at times with variety.

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