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Topic: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

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    HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    I tried converting Kirk Hunter Solo String giga -> Kontact using CDXTract and it converted them by placing all the giga dimensions on the same Konact .nki, so when I press a key, it triggers solo violin leg., det., & pizz., all at the same time. Clearly unusable. But people swear by CDXtract, so there muct be a simple switch to tell it to do something else. In Translator, it breaks up giga dimensions into a Kontact multi-instrument, one instrument per dimension.

    Any help would be much appreciated, i\'m a little stuck here.

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    Re: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    Assuming that Cdxtract is assinging the giga dimensions to separate groups at least, why don\'t you either 1) save the kontakt instrument with three different names and delete the extra groups, or 2) set the groups to be activated by a keystroke?

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    Re: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    ok, I would be thrilled if I\'m being an idiot here.

    When you say group, you mean a .nkm file? A multi instrument kontact file? If that\'s what you mean, alas, it\'s not that easy. (if that\'s NOT what you mean, please educate me.) =) The converted file is a .nki file - a single instrument.

    or am I just being stupid?

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    Re: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    The best way to determine if groups have been improperly combined is if zones are sitting on top of one another in the mapping editor. If you drag a zone off to the side there shouldn\'t be another one underneath it. If you find this is happening you should use Kontakt native import instead. Unless speed is of the essense, I recommend always using Kontakt\'s native import first and only use the third party translators when you run into problems.

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    Re: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    Since Robin has not answered yet and I have some free time, I hope this helps.

    A group in KONTAKT is not a.NKM file. It is a subdivision of a .NKI file. Groups are collections of samples within an instrument. For example you may have a goup of loud samples and a group of soft samples.

    In the case of GIGA dimensions, KONTAKT conversion(without CDXTRACT) makes each of the dimensions into a different group within the instrument. So for example a violin\'s several articulations will each be a group and will be controlled by the low keys on your keyboard. This actually works on my GIGA sample library.

    But in another thread about the KHSS, someone found that the various dimensions were all together in one group. To find out for yourself, do the following:

    Load an instrument.

    Click the EDIT button.

    Click the Mapping editor button.

    You now have a display of the mapping editor for this instrument.

    At the top of the display, on the left there is a drop down menu which probably says, \"show all groups\".

    Press it. You should now see a list of all groups. Each \"should\" represent a different dimension(articulation). If there is only one group then you are in trouble and what I read above is probably true, namely that all groups have been combined(jumbled) together.

    If, one the other hand there is a list of groups:

    select, \"show no groups\". The mapping display will go blank. then

    select, \"show group one\".

    If you can do this then you will be able to assign keys to the individual groups and KONTAKT will select them properly as you play. How to do this is described in the KONTAKT tutorial on the NI site.

    good luck,


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    Re: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    Translator does not seperate Giga dimensions within an Instrument into seperate Kontakt instruments. It does that with destinations that do not support a similar dimension parameter, which is a great feature, but not Kontakt.

    I think you were looking at a result and getting the wrong impression on what was happening.

    Royce\'s suggestion on using the native Kontakt import and using 3rd-party ones is perhaps valid, but there\'s a lot that 3rd party convertors (at least Translator) can do for you that you\'ll only apprecaite over time.

    Going back and forth between convertors is only confusing.

    The Giga->Kontakt conversion in Translator right now is PERFECT (or close to it). There are some minor organization things that need to be worked over, but sound wise it\'s there.

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    Re: HELP! CDXTract -how do I break apart giga dimensions -> Kontact?

    Also, you might post to our forum here on Northern, their lot\'s of experts on there that can give you other replies.

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