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Topic: Driver missing? Help!

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    Driver missing? Help!


    first of all, please forgive my bad english. I hope to be understandable. I am experiencing problems and crashes with Gigastudio 160, probably due to a missing driver. I successfully used the software for some weeks; then somedays ago I uninstalled a CD-Writer application and made a bad mistake: I answered \"Yes\" to the question \"Remove shared file?\"... Ouch!
    Now everytime I start Gigastudio I receive an S-converter error message \"No ASPI for Win32 support detected\". At first, the program wouldn\'t even run, then deleted (what a weird move!) the Aconv.dll and Sconv.dll libraries from the \"components\" directory of GS. Now it runs, but I still have the error message appearing every time I start it and everytime I use my CDROM while GS is running. Obviously, I can\'t convert Akai format: I deleted the converter!
    (I will reinstall it when I\'ll solve the problem).

    The Gigastudio help file says that the S-Converter works with standard CD-ROM drivers that are now shipping with all PCs.

    The problem is that (I suppose) I have removed these drivers uninstalling that application.

    Final question: does anybody know what is the missing file and where can I find it? I have an ASUS CDROM, but reinstalling my drivers or downloading the latest from ASUS website has been unuseful. What is this file (a .dll in the windows/system directory I think)?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion. Help will be greatly appreciated! :-)


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    Re: Driver missing? Help!

    Try reinstalling your cd writer software.

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    Re: Driver missing? Help!

    Problem solved! Thanks for the tip Rivethead. In fact you gave me the right idea: when I had to reinstall my CD Writer software, I found some documentation about ASPI drivers and discovered it was an Adaptec library that could be downloaded from the net. Now Gigastudio is running smoothly!

    Luca Antonini

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