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Topic: Cello samples

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    Cello samples

    I\'ve produced an mp3 featuring a sampled cello played polyphonically from my keyboard. The samples are offered on a web site, but not the Iowa one as for my earlier trombone pieces. Again, if you like the sound, let me know and I\'ll give more details.



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    Re: Cello samples

    I do like the sound of the cello. I do not like the variations on the vibrato, if there are some...

    On the higher notes it sounds a bit to thin, for it is a cello (if only a cello was used for the demo!)

    And - yes, I do want to know where you got this cello from... is it chromatically sampled (to my ears it is not, but I could be wrong) - and is there a non-vib version also availible?

    Thanks for sharing your informations!!


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    Re: Cello samples

    The cello sounds strange. I think the problem is that there are not enough articulations. Portato would really help.
    I really liked the piece. Is there any chance of sending me a MIDI file? I would like to work with yor work.
    Thank you for posting.

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    Re: Cello samples


    The cello was chromatically sampled with only one articulation available for download.

    The cello samples can be found at:
    the relevant file being:

    See also the following \"EXS cello samples...\" thread of the K-v-R forum:

    p.s. esperlad, thanks for your comments about my composition. I played the sound recording it directly to my audio recorder and no MIDI was involved.

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